Hit a creative abyss. Need help!

Im in a large creative rut with my tricks. I need ideas of fairly simple elements to breath some new life into my yoyoing/my own tricks. List any elements you folks like to use… As long as they are not crazy hard.

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^ Good shout Noah. That trick that starts at 0:25 is one of my favourite tricks of all time. An absolute masterpiece of trick construction. :o

My motto is, “If in doubt, throw in a chopsticks mount.”

However if you’re not a chopsticks kind of man, then why not try doing little things differently.

Instead of throwing a mount around your forefinger, try doing it around your little finger. A double or nothing thrown between both middle-fingers instead of forefingers in a completely different mount that leaves you open to new options… including chopsticks.

Think outside of the box of traditional mounts and moves and just try lots of really weird things. Get all your fingers involved in new ways and you might find that you discover something cool. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, go and learn some CLYW Cabin Tutorials. There’s like 80 of them, so you’re bound to pick up some new concepts in there. ;D

Don’t obsess over being creative. Do other people’s tricks.

Yoyoing isn’t painting or songwriting (and let’s face it, plenty of paintings and songs aren’t 100% original either). It’s yoyoing. You’re allowed to have fun just learning other people’s stuff.

Learn more tricks.
Get into starting mount or middle of learnt tricks.
Throw in a completely unrelated element like magic drops, slack, 3D, body, or find a way to incorporate elements from previous learnt tricks.
Or think “What would Riccardo Fraolini do?”.
New trick.
Don’t stop learning.
Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. - Mahatma Gandhi