Coming up with my own elements

Hello Guys,
I have been trying to come up with my own tricks or elements for a very long time and I still somewhat rely on video tutorials to learn new tricks. I have tried to base things off of yoyoers I like and just go into regular mounts and do things I wouldn’t normally do. I have done everything I can think of but I just can’t think of anything. If any of you have any ways you can help me, please tell me

My advice would be to pause yoyoing for one week so you don’t become frustrated. Also, when you go into a mount do the opposite of what you are used to doing to make your tricks fresher. Hope that helps.

Creating interesting new elements can be really difficult. One real trick to this isn’t just doing things you wouldn’t normally do, but also being persistent and practicing whatever you come up with, regardless of how lame or difficult it may feel at first.

Try adding moves to your trick that feel weird and impossible to do smoothly, and then keep doing them over and over again. Hit a weird string in your mount, swing the Yo-Yo around in a weird way and pop it off somewhere and catch it on a string that seems impossible to hit. Stuff like that.

Yo-Yoers sometimes quickly discard ideas for tricks that feel too awkward and seem to look and feel really lame, but don’t let this stop you. Eventually, your muscles should learn how to do any movement(s) smoothly, and what you thought was a dumb idea for a trick element slowly becomes something that looks cool.

I try to apply this method when I want to create elements, and it seems to work, but it’s a slow process. It requires you to create tricks with moves that you can’t do smoothly at first. However, the end result tends to be a more original trick that looks more confusing and unique to other Yo-Yoers.