Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kids.


-To swindle

-To fool

-An action meant to impress by skill or difficulty.

Hello again YoYoExpert forums! It’s your favorite dictionary here, Q! With a little post on the foundation of what we do, Tricks. I feel like I have analyzed enough of the other aspects of yoyoing, so I will put the spotlight on how to come up with unique tricks. Here now are my pointers for new tricks,

1: Make a change
One of the best things you can do to create a new trick is to hit a different string than you normally would. Rather than throwing a Double or Nothing onto the very front string, maybe hit the center string or go into an under mount rather than a trapeze. To make a new trick YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT. Throw a mount that you aren’t used to, throw in an extra hit to Ladder Escape. Just. Do. Something. Different.

2:Pick an element
Any Element. If you like the slack in Yuuki Slack, use it to mount your Double or Nothings. If you like to grind, throw that into a trick. It’s not that hard to throw in a grind while you’re doing a combo, heck, throw in three! After a while, you will have your differences so engrained in your head that they will become your tricks, not just tricks that you changed around.

3:Make your own style
If you like the look of a certain trick, turn that trick into every trick you do. Take a trick that you have fallen in love with and make that your style. If you like to play out of a GT like in soiled panties, make that be your style for a day, try as many tricks from that as you can, and then find something more to play with!

4:Scream at the top of your lungs.
Really, just do it. You have no idea how good it feels once you have.

5:Point it out
What I do when I have troubles making a trick. Is to grab a dictionary and popint at a word. What would a trick with this name look like? You’d really be suprised how helpful this can be. God forbid you get Trapeze though

6:Simplicity is key
My name is Q. I obviously like to keep things simple. If you watch any of my videos that I will have up soon, you will see that simplicity is my nature, and I do it quite well. rather than create a 50 minute combo, do a trick that looks cool and isn’t really all that difficult. Sure, long combos are pleasant to watch and get you points at contests. But the small tricks are the ones that make you great.

Good advice! I really likethe dictionary thing! Thanks Q

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Very good advice

Great post. :slight_smile: