Where do I go from here...

It’s been two weeks now and I’ve gotten all these tricks down to a consistent point
As far as front mounts go

Brain Twister
Barrel Roll
Split the Atom
Mach 5

On the side mount I’m able to do

Trapeze (And his brother, double and so forth,)
Double or Nothing
Green Triangle
1 1/2 Mount

I’m guessing I have a solid foundation but what do I try to do/learn next?

I say go to advance 1. You seem to have a good foundation of tricks, and it seems you left off right where advance 1 in the learn section of this site begins.

Or just pick a trick you like and try it!

These trick lists are not proven algorithms engineered and tailored for your optimal learning experience, so if you stray from them you will not be doomed to sloppy play for the rest of your yoyoing life.

Nice work! I would start by learning tricks that start from the trapezeand ddouble or nothing mounts you’ve nailed, as well as the 1.5 mount. A lot of the next level tricks are derived from these main mounts that you perfected.

Buddha’s revenge, the matrix, skin the gerbil are good tricks next to learn. Also, try practicing the wrist mount and kamikaze mount.

Good luck and keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Gonna try matrix and skin the gerbil :open_mouth:

Note: All the side mounts I “know” how to do but solely practicing and perfecting them would just be boring and make yo-yoing not fun so I’m trying to incorporate them into a trick I can learn so that it isn’t so boring. Not really good with all the aforementioned mounts aside from trapeze + brother.

Sorry if I confused anyone

I have found that around this level, a REALLY great trick to learn is Rewind.

It’ll build foundations for muscle memory for knowing how to size mounts up.

that’s the one that hits on the strings all the way up to triple or nothing right? Zipper is one of the only tricks I constantly forget


and zipper is a fantastic trick! Good luck! :slight_smile:

I tried doing this, my fingers are too short and I have no idea how to proceed LOL after the double or nothing

Believe me, there’s a lot more side mounts than the ones you listed tthat you knew… A lot more … Also, ask anyone, it’s good to practice and perfect you mounts. It helps with speed, precision, and good muscle memory so you know how wide or angle you will need to use for certain tricks. :wink:

This sounds good to me as well. Try this.

Just an updateI cleared Adv 1. this week i’m trying to finish up Magic Drop and Shockwave and then I’m gonna try to do some other tricks I’ve been picking up around the web.

All the tricks I would want in my arsenal at least I’ve learned I’m sure I’ll revisit it one day but for the most part I am just.

Nah I’m learning Rabbit Slack and Remix LOL
Really great trick IMO though I’m bad with slack