What are good 1A Tricks to Learn?


I have a YYF Horizon
I just got my Horizon but before I only had a Magic T6 which I learned the basic tricks and such. Binding, Cradle, Breakdown, Horizontal throws.
I want to know some important tricks to learn.
Any Ideas?
Thank you in advance!


Once you have your mounts down like Trapeze, Double or Nothing and 1.5 mount, it’s fairly easy to learn most of the intermediate tricks. Just don’t forget to learn all the “easy” tricks as well, they will ALL help out in the long run one way or another :stuck_out_tongue:


You are absolutely right, practice the basics as much as possible and get the basic mounts and flips down first to the point that they are comfortable…Anything on this site from Beginner to Advanced 2 will help anyone in their first phases of 1A Yo-Yo Play.  There is enough to learn to keep you busy and interacting with Yo-Yo in some fashion.

Also, you may want to use this as a Road-Map to learning what the most modern 1A tricks are.  These are tricks that are used out in a Traditional “Official Calls The Trick; Player Does The Trick” Contest.  Coincidentally enough, a lot of these tricks can be used together to create greater String Trick Lines and Combos.


Good Benchmark Tricks/Milestone Tricks are Split The Atom and Cold Fusion…Once I picked those up, I noticed a lot of other tricks began to open up to me.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

These should keep you busy.  Over 100 videos, 5 difficulty levels.


Hey buddy.  Its nice to meet you man, you have an awesome site and you’ve helped me in ways.  Do you have any vids of your “Sparkly Rollercoaster”?  I really like the McBride’s Rollercoaster, it is probably my favorite trick.  In fact, that was the one trick I learned first on my original Maverick and got me started creating different variations of when I started Yo-Yo again.  Thats the trick that re-inspired me.  Thanks for your service.  8)


Every single trick on this website is a good place to start.

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Good to meet you too!  Thanks for the feedback, it’s always nice to hear.
Is this the trick you are asking about?