what are some good yoyo tricks

bigginer just started need new tricks

Check the learn section here: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/

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You should try rethinkyoyo.com and highspeedyoyo.com.

Learn your basic mounts. Trapeze, Double or Nothing, Trapeze and Bro, 1.5, Split Bottom Mount. After you get the feel for your mounts you can start learning some real tricks.

yeah ive seen rethink

Here are some of my personal favorite tricks to learn as a beginner.

  • Elevator
  • Rock the Baby
  • UFO (or Sidewinder. I prefer UFO)
  • Trapeze

Personally, I think it’s easier and more fun to learn beginner tricks before learning different mounts. Mounts may look cool but as a beginner doing a couple of flashy tricks can really motivate you to continue yo-yoing.

Have you tried learning to bind yet?

this works as a beginner trick, but i dont reccomend

dont worry, i have more x-brains ;D

thats an impressive trick, lol

Hassam chop!

The Blue Angels looks pretty impressive for a beginner’s trick. You’ll need four or five yoyos to do it right though. :wink: ;D

I believe Elephark posted an instructional video for it on here somewhere.

Like the other folks said, check out the Learning videos that Andre put on http://yoyoexpert.com/learn

Also try www.grawrd.com and www.themikemonty.com under Videos or Learn to Throw.

Have fun!