Learning tricks

Hey guys… I am new to the forum and to yoyoing I can only do a bind a trapeez. I woupd like to learn a few more tricks. I have a shutter yoyo in blue with purple splash. If you guys and girls could give me advice and good easy tricks to learn as a beginner like myself it would be greatly appreciated hopefully I can learn fast. Thanks alot.


You should learn some mounts like
-front mount
-side mount
And learn a double or nothing you can go on yoyoexpert.com and go to the learn tab to Learn or get an app called yo tricks good luck have fun!!!

Thanks alot.

Did I just witness a on forum convo between two brothers? Lol


Im afraid so haha


I think two fun ones are trapeze and his brother and trapeze and his brother slack

Just check out andre’s tutorials on this site under the learn section. Go to the Intermediate section.

Some fun ones to learn that aren’t in his tutorials are trapeze and his brother and green triangle

Sounds like your off to a great start!

The learn section is definitely a great place to go.

There is also

I think someone else mentioned the Yotricks videos
and the Duncan Yoyo Ninja Videos