Need Help.


I’m stuck in my progress of learning new tricks. Everything seems so difficult to even do once. The best I can do is the gyroscopic flop, rip cord, and basic stuff like trapeze, bind, plastic whip, and a few other ones. I can’t find a another trick that I can easily learn. Anyone got any suggestions?


So i´ll just post some tricks that are about the level you seem to be at. Over all its never a bad idea to just try out things and experiment. Also its never bad to just try something that seems too hard, the worst that can happen is that it doesnt work, and sometimes its actually more easy than it seems.

here some basics that help a lot with yoyo control and stuff  (this one is good!)

all those are pretty nice to learn, just keep at it! you could also try these, they are a little harder but good to learn some basics

I hope that helps! just try it and dont give up! have fun yoyoing :stuck_out_tongue:


Learn all of the basic positions first.

Front/Brain Twister Mount
Split Bottom Mount
Trapeze + Brother
1.5 (side) mount
Double or Nothing

  • Triple or Nothing
  • Houdini Mount

    Mach 5/Kamikaze mount
    Wrist Mount

At that stage, a lot of tricks will come easily but there will still be elements that will prove to be difficult like Suicides, “hops”, Lacerations (the basic one is easy), Whips, slacks, etc.

Well, I’m still learning as well. I’m pretty much at a similar level as you. This is what I did and it is working out very well for me.