What next?

So I’m a pretty new yoyoer, I started a couple of weeks ago, and the most difficult trick I know right now is on the level of plastic whip, Houdini mount, and double or nothing. For the last few days I haven’t been sure what to work on or learn next, if anyone could give me a list of tricks to learn in order of difficulty, I would really appreciate it.

Different people find certain tricks more difficult than others. If you haven’t checked it out already, click on the Learn menu at the top of the screen and check out those tutorials. They are sorted by difficulty level.

Gondola and Gyro Flop come out of the Houdini, so there’s a place to start (gondola is very easy to learn and gyro flop is a bit tougher). I flip into a one and a half from double or nothing and go into a Buddha’s Revenge from there which is pretty fun.