Help me "pad" my trick set

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting and it’s somewhat of an odd request. I’m looking for suggestions on tricks at or below my skill level, tricks that I can learn quickly.

About 4 months ago I started working on spirit bomb, however I was not ready for the difficulty of the trick. I don’t yoyo every day and rarely more more than an hour, so every time I picked up my yoyo I would unsuccessfully work on this trick, never learning a new trick, for 3 months. I finally got it, but even know I can only land it maybe 1 out of 4 times.

I think in the next 6 months instead of gradually attempting more difficult tricks, instead I will focus on increasing the total number of tricks. I guess spirit bomb would set the bar where I want the difficulty level to stop. If you guys can suggest any tricks at that level of difficulty or lower I will definately check them out.

Here’s most of the tricks I know currently:
split the atom
drop in the bucket
wrist mount
double or nothing
bing bong
mach 5
the matrix
magic trick
spirit bomb
kamikaze mount
cold fusion

Spirit bomb just happens to be tricky. It’s a lot harder for some people than others, like boingy boing. Just because it took you a long time to learn spirit bomb doesn’t mean it’ll take longer to learn more difficult tricks. If you’re really stuck on a trick, you should move on to another one.

Seems like you’re about to get out of the intermediate level stage. After that stage there isn’t really a tricklist anymore. You have all of the fundamentals down, what you want to do now is try to start making your own combos, and eventually your own tricks. Of course, your arsenal of tricks and elements at this point are still very limited so you’ll still want to be learning, but you should be learning and picking out elements from advanced “pro-level” tricks and videos and incorporate them into your own tricks.

I wrote quite a few tricks I made up within this difficulty here…,93802.0.html

I suspect you know basic suicides already. Mcbrides rollercoaster, plastic whip, and rewind are some named tricks that are good. Learning to stall after a bind is fairly quick to learn, hard to master. The trick list on yye is a great place to check out too, as I forgot a lot of those tricks.


You’re right about boingy boing. I learned how to do it 6+ months ago and still can’t keep it going more than 15 seconds or so. I also can’t make it extend as far and smooth as the pros in the video’s do.

I think that’s good advice. I do want to learn more advanced tricks I just want to make sure I have a large foundation of tricks. Next time I’m stuck on a trick for more than a week I think I will move on.

Actually no, I don’t know suicide tricks. I looked it up and it looks really cool, and will probably work on that next.

I do know plastic whip. Rewind I’ve never worked on but I know all the individual components so I don’t think it will take long to string together. Mcbrides rollercoaster I forgot about I had watched a video of it a month or so ago and just never learned. I think I will revisit it after working on suicide.

Yea, I know how you feel. But I was just saying that you have all the fundamentals down to start creating your own stuff. I don’t think you should stick around with learning more tricks around this level because the reality is once you get better you won’t be using a lot of them. Once you get better, you’ll really never be doing tricks like Matrix, Buddha’s Revenge, Cold Fusion, etc. They are just all good to know because they provide common, fundamental elements that you’ll need to start branching out and doing your own stuff.

All of those tricks introduce you to frequently used mounts and some basic interactions with those mounts. For example, Spirit Bomb introduces you to the wrist mount and basic interactions within that mount, the Matrix and Mcbride’s Roller Coaster introduces you to the Double or Nothing mount and basic interactions. Buddha’s Revenge introduces you to interactions with the 1.5 mount, and Cold Fusion shows you more elements from those 2 mounts and basic ways to chain elements together. YYE actually does a really good job of ordering the tricks in a way that will help you build off from eachother, but that doesn’t mean you have to strictly follow it.

You’ve learned all of those tricks, and those are the major mounts you need to know. So what you’ll want to do now is explore more ways to manipulate the yoyo within those mounts. You can do this by looking at more advanced tutorials that use those mounts or just watch videos on youtube and try to copy and learn what you see them doing.

If you keep learning tricks at this level, you may learn a lot of unnecessary tricks that you won’t ever be using once you get better. If you do want to learn a few more tricks before moving forward, I suggest introducing yourself to slack tricks and whip tricks. Suicides and grinds are options too but rarely anyone uses suicide and grind-style tricks anymore because the possibilities are fairly limited. Trapeze and brother slack and maybe Jade Whip are good tricks to introduce you to slacks and laceration, hidemasa hook, and brent stole are good tricks to introduce you to whips.