Where should I go now? (my direction & elements)

I’ve been throwing for about 2-3 months now on pretty much a daily basis. I put in at least 2 hours a day but mostly I’d say I’m averaging a good 4-5 hours combined a day. It can be challenging seeing as I’m a pretty busy guy but I have a lot of elements down and very strong fundamentals.

My double or nothing mount is flawless and very smooth and cold fusion is just a warm up I do to get my stability and control in check. My wrist mount is very quick and smooth along with my spirit bomb which I had to practice a lot but have down now. Kamikaze is very smooth for me as well, I can blaze through that with absolute stability and control. Magic drop was one of those tricks that didn’t take me much time to get, there are secrets to it you have to learn and adjust to on each type of design your throwing with (need to adjust to the shape of the yoyo). Kwijybo I got down in no time. Out of curiosity I started getting down Brent Stole which took about a day or so, which is one of those tricks that has some hidden secrets to it as well.

But now I’m at a point where I’m puzzled at where I should go next and what exactly are some elements I need to focus on to start pulling off combos. I look at speed combo tutorials and grab stuff from there so I can blueprint some things to use as bridges to either parts but I’m kind of lost.

What should I be focusing on right now? What are some modern tricks and/or elements that I should learn? I just need a basic direction in which to go and particularly a set of tricks & elements I should keep practicing. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Well, nice progress. I think at 2 and a half months my best trick was kamikaze/spirit bomb. At 6 months, I still can’t consistently land brent stoles. Nice job.

You should learn most everything up to master tricks in the trick ladder. However, I’m sure you’ve already been traversing the trick ladder, right? Certain master ticks click with some people and others don’t. If you can’t learn ladder escape, skip it. Try white Buddha instead.

It you’ve already learned most of the trick ladder, revisit slack trapeze, ninja vanish, hook, whip to kamikaze, etc. Those slack and whip tricks have good elements and are also really fun anyway.

You could also check out rethinkyoyo, slusny, and clyw cabin tricks.

If you want to continue with what I want to call the “YYE Ladder” of tricks, And Whut is a good one that’s actually surprisingly pretty easy despite it being in the master level tricks.

As far as some other elements, slack is good to learn. If you haven’t touched it, Iron Whip (which I suck at), Jade Whip is good to learn. From here you can take these tricks you do know, rip them apart and reassemble as a new combo.

Your progression though…pretty quick. When I began throwing in 2010, I pretty much spent about 2 years (slowly) working my way through the Intermediate and Advanced Part 1 and some of Part 2. I had zero progression from 2012 to May of 2015. I decided to pick back up with progression with working on Spirit Bomb as I already knew how to do a wrist mount and that first roll. back in 2011. Today, while not holding myself completely to the YYE trick list, picking the ones I think look cool and have some good elements to them, I’m exploring the whole combo process as there’s more to my repertoire than Trapeze, Brother, Gerbil combos.

Sounds like me. lol

Thanks for all the great info, it truly is greatly appreciated. I was checking out a magic drop thread earlier where someone posted a video of a cabin tutorial with Charles entitled “Classic Yuuki Concepts” which has some interesting things to go off. I’m going to try my best to come up with a list of tricks & mostly elements that I can put together and learn from; a way to transition from one trick(s) based off certain mounts (eg. Double or nothing) and then some form of a transitional element that can serve as a means to transition to other tricks that use a completely different type of mount as well as some elements to serve as filler to basically draw out the moves and make a combo of some sorts.

I’m trying to here, just need to find that formula and establish a decent repertoire of tricks. I’m open to any and all suggestions.