Tricks that I should absolutly Learn!!(Advanced Tricks Only)

Hey guys, can you make some tricks lists that you think are absolute must learn tricks.

None just make up your own stuff.

Making up your own stuff is great and all, but I feel it helps to have a foundation of experience to build upon. Learning already established tricks can actually help you experience new elements and gain insights to a multitude of possibilities that will lead to more insights and possibilities. Thus, providing a foundation for developing satisfying tricks of your own. If you want to be thorough learn every trick you can while experimenting on your own stuff. Look for tricks that contain new elements and don’t close your mind to anything!

learn things like the matrix and Mcbride roller coster then you will understand how “making it up works” basically combo tricks that you can do over and over

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Steal bits and pieces from me and put them together in new combo’s.  I am making tutorials of everything I’ve assembled from things I stole from everyone else, lol, so here, take!

Depends on how ‘advanced’ you are already. I’ve seen the word used for different skill levels from boingy-boing all the way up to Hiroyuki himself.

But I’d say:

Seasick (+variations)
eli hops (+variations)
Spirit Bomb
Turntablism (from Xela)
Wonderland (from Guy Wright)
Asian Pops (+2.5 hops if you’re skilled enough)

so many more that don’t come to mind.