What trick should I learn next

So I’ve been throwing 3 months now and I’m stumped on what to learn next my best tricks are cold fusion bodegas revenge gerbil Soa(or however it’s spelled)Boingy Boing and spirit bomb and I just want to learn a new trick that’s a step up and a little more technical but not like super hard

Any of the ones listed here:

that you haven’t already learned. :slight_smile:

Bodegas revenge…
Anyways, Superman or Kamikaze are both good choices at your skill level.

boingy has eluded me for over 8 years… :frowning:

i would suggest any trick that makes your play more consistent and fluid. i prefer a style of fluid and flow over stop and go. but that’s just my preference.

and to take it a step further, you may want to start playin’ w/ a fixed axle yo yo. i’m one of those people that believes buildin’ a foundation w/ a fixed axle yo yo gives the player a deeper understandin’ and insight into play later down the road.



you could always try messing with what you know, and blend tricks/concepts together to try and make your own

Sorry auto corrected me on buddahs revenge for some reason

Maybe kwijibo. If you want a challenge, try “and whut” or if you want a really tough challenge, why not just have a look at “plan D.” or, you could learn something easy, like monorail (aka gondola).
Hope this helped.

If you don’t know Kwyjibo yet, it’s super fun and although a bit tough the first few tries (I cross what? which hand is on top during this?) once you grok the moves it’s just really fun (as well as being impressive looking).