What TRICK is next?

Here is my Intermediate - Advanced Repertoire

  1. Double Or Nothing
  2. Triple or Nothing
  3. Matrix
  4. Split the Atom
  5. Barrel Rolls
  6. Mach 5
  7. Boomerang
  8. Eli Hops
  9. Brain Twister
  10. Kwyjibo
  11. Kamikaze
  12. Wrist Mount
  13. McBribe
  14. Buddha’s Revenge
  15. Black Hops
    (Some tricks were most likely forgotten, but still mention them in reply)

What trick should I consider doing next? I’m having trouble finding tricks that are of my skill level. Nothing to high, and nothing that needs an unresponsive yoyo.

I would recommend continuing with the yye tutorials

Well if u can do kamikaze well then u can do magic drop well… so i would say learn shockwave next. Also, since u can do kwyjibo and black hops, i think u can handle spirit bomb… i cant do any of those 3 except kwyjibo but its extremely inconsistent, im working on it.but if u can do kwyjibo and black hops well, spirit bomb is agood trick to learn next

What yoyo do u use? U dont use an unresponsive yoyo? At this level i highly recommend it cuz u cant go much further with responsive.

Heh, talk about an assumption.

Just do whatever tricks you want to man. :slight_smile: That’s what I’ve been doing. My completion list is rather spotty, do the stuff I want.

asian pops? or make up your own! but seriously get an unresponsive!

well if u cant do magic drop too well, u cant really do kamikaze that great either since there a magic drop in there :wink:

My bad, I misread. :-X

Do shockwave! ;D

XD i guess a comma wouldve helped haha :smiley:

I reccomend learning what has already been said, as well as the easier Master tricks such as White Buddha, And Whut, and Hourglass.

Trust me, it’s better to start Boingy-Boing early on. This trick takes time and extreme patience. The concept is easy, but mastering it is difficult. Keep this trick in the back of your mind.

I regret not practicing boingy boing early on. After you master that then you can learn all of the crazy variations;) Good luck!

Cold fusion

Your not even done with this website, why would you ask for more?

Rethink yoyo has great ones, but they are harder.

Lots of Rethink ones are not harder. And lots are duplicates (which is great when you want another perspective).

I don’t think anyone should have to limit themselves to YYE’s Learn section until it’s mastered… float around; try other teachers! I like Rethink, Grawrd.com, definitiveyoyoing.com, the stuff in Jacob Gross’s thread here at YYE… other tutorials randomly found on YouTube (Ann Connolly’s “Magic Trick” tutorial is good fun for performance-oriented tricks).

The sources of new trick knowledge are endless. :wink:

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