What trick should I learn next


So I’ve been throwing for a month now. I know trapeze, dizzy baby, Brain Twister Stop and go Double or Nothing Split the Atom Ripcord Mach 5 Plastic Whip and Wrist whip( can also grind a little) So I was wondering what trick you would recommend me learning next




he doesn’t know magic drop, how is he supposed to do kamikaze?

Learn the next trick on the list, they to in order here. The order is good because it introduces a new concept, then builds on it. I would go in basic order if I were you.


go by order of the yye list. i think they did an amazing job with that.

4 to go! haven’t bothered to learn them :-/


All that, and you can’t bind. Tell me sir, how does one grind on a responsive yoyo?


Does it say in a different thread that he can’t bind? Most of those tricks won’t work with responsive; grinding is the least of his worries with plastic whips and ripcords around. :wink: I suspect he can bind.

Not sure if it’s in order or not, but if you can do a Double-or-Nothing, The Matrix is an obvious one!


Yeah, I agree with the others, going with the learn section is pretty conducive to learning how to yoyo.
Feel free to skip some tricks if you tried them and seem too hard. Sometime after you can go back to those and will just be able to do them. Just connection with the player I guess.


Or hop on over to rethinkyoyo and find something you like the looks of. The tutorials there are great.



Yes, I’d say Matrix and then Kwyjibo. Both work off the double-or-nothing. Keep it at it!!

 I definitely agree with everyone else; the matrix is a great trick to learn and looks really cool once you get it down smoothly.  The zipper is another great trick to learn plus, it kind of goes along the lines of brain twister.  Also try boing-e-boing (which is slightly harder so if you're struggling, come back later) and rewind as well.  Wormhole is a trick that continues from ripcord so that's another great trick to learn.  Once you've got a few of these tricks down, try going into the one and a half mount tricks which include McBride rollercoaster and buddha's revenge.
 Cold fusion and Dr Strange are actually based off of double or nothing but are slightly harder (if you can do double or nothing really well, then it won't be too hard and Dr Strange might also give you an advantage because of mach 5.)  Skin the gerbil is a really good trick to learn and great to practice with as well so you can make sure your hands are warmed up and ready. Hope this helps  ;)


There is an entire section for tricks to learn on this website and it’s made by one of the greatest yoyoers of all time. I’d check there


Zipper than Cold Fusion. :slight_smile: