Need to know what trick to learn next guys and gals

Howdy One and All,

Happy Friday Night or Saturday depending on your location. I want to say thanks to everyone for being such a cool bunch of people. This is by far one of the friendliest places on Teh Inter-Webs… So everyone reading this now, pat yourself on the back for me.

Ok, here is my question / issue. I am new to unresponsive yoyo play. I have been at it for about a month or so. The first thing I read was that to be successful one needs to learn ones binds and learn them well. I set out to do this and I believe I have accomplished this. I can throw and bind forward or backwards, with about 80% success rate. Tis could be improved I know, however I would like to learn at least one trick this weekend that I can pull right after my bind. Something simple but powerful, easy but hard looking. Something that will help build my confidence while also showing me fundamental principals that will carry over to other tricks. Can anyone here recommend a few tricks for me to try and I will sort it which to stick with snd which to discard until later, after I have built up more confidence and skill. I have three unresponsive throws that I can use. My favorite is my ILYY Noctu and I have used it everyday since I bought it. I also have a Spyy Addiction II and finally a Yoyo Factory whip. I like the Whip the least only because it feels so light compared to my aluminum throws. So, I will be using my Noctu to learn whatever you all try to help me learn. The Spyy wil be my secondary and the Whip…I will use the whip when I try each trick for the first time so if I have an accident it isn’t too devastating to my face and yoyo.

I would appreciate this emmensley and be forever endebted to the teacher of these few tricks. Please help, I promise to make you proud. :slight_smile:

Ok enough blabbing, thank you all again for your help, politeness, and patience with a noob like myself.

Best regards and respect

My first unresponsive trick was the Matrix. It looks pretty cool and is not too terribly difficult after you get the hang of it and also feels good. Good luck:)

Although originally a trick for responsive string play, Split the Atom isn’t bad for a first frontstyle trick! My first sidestyle trick (other than the double-or-nothing mount itself) was also the Matrix.

Split the Atom is also another one that I learned around the time that I learned the Matrix. Good idea Greg:)

I also recommend either Split the Atom (front style) or Matrix (side style/trapeze). If you’re still working on how to bind from a trapeze, I suggest the Dave bind or the Backspin bind. The Dave bind is super-easy cause you can take as much time as you need to aim/feed the yoyo into the string. High Speed Yoyo has a pretty good video on how to do it, though it looks a little intimidating at first.

Here is what I believe the staples are:

Flips (regular and reverse)
Lindy Loops (Double Trapeze) [regular and under mount]
Brother Mount
Brother Slack
Double or Nothing
1.5 Mount
Buddhas Revenge
McBride Rollercoaster

With this basic skill set you can really start to impress. It will also give you the building blocks to create your own moves. Bits and pieces from these tricks can be swapped and chained together for interesting combos.
Even after many months of throwing (and a decent trick vocabulary), I still love to pick up a cheap plastic throw (like a PSG or Classic) and just play around with these basic elements.

Since u can throw forward u could do barrel rolls, Mach 5, or brain scrambler. All easy, all look hard (to non yoyoers) and all are just fun

Yes! This is bang on. Especially Mach 5, which mystifies and amazes non-yoyoers.

Pretty much learn all the tricks on your checklist, you know the ones andre teaches. It took me about 2 months to fill it out. And after that more advance tricks will narutaly be easyer to learn.

Man on the flying trapeze and his brother slack. Awesome trick. The basic green triangle is also impressive. And thumb grinds are really cool, and actually pretty easy.