What is a really cool but easy unresponsive yo-yo trick?

I already know the basics so I need something impressive but not too hard

Skin the gerbil isn’t too difficult. If you already know how to get into a trapeze and his brother mount, you can get a gyro flop going too.


I found the Matrix easier than Skin the Gerbil, and it impresses. It’s not strictly an “unresponsive” yoyo trick, though. A lot of the basic tricks we’re going to recommend probably got their start on responsive yoyos.

Any seemingly unresponsive trick you could name has probably been attempted on responsive yoyos with success. Check out Colin Leland doing Black Hops on a fixed-axle wooden yoyo…


ninja vanish, green triangles, hook, and bucket via jade

Revolutions are a crowd-pleaser


Or any laceration tricks like hidemasa hook just to step it up a notch. Not too hard, not too unimpressive.

one i made up that i call “plastic triangle whip” is pretty cool, and not too hard. (it’s side style by the way) It’s sorta like plastic whip, but don’t put the string on your thumb prior to the trick. whip the string under the yoyo but not into the gap. while the string is coming around, turn your palm upwards and either grab the string or (once you get good at it) you can just let it rest on your hand. the string will come around your hand and whip around the yoyo. once youre in this mount, do an underpass with the string closest to your throwhand side (if you’re righty then its your right side, vice versa). slip the string off of your throwhand and it will be in a green triangle. you can whip it twice once you get good at it.

hope i could help!

Thanks guys I learned the matrix and that one was really fun

Aeroslcktyl by Aaron Davis is really easy and really cool looking.

If he just learned the matrix, no.
Trapeze and his bro slack, or Buddha’s revenge are fun.

Slacky stuff.

Ninja Vanish, Brent Stole, Yuuki Slack, revolutions, hook…

None of those are all that difficult.

Just learned this. Really cool but may be a bit daunting for a less experienced player.

There is a really cool (and easy) slack trick that I learned but I can’t find the video (so that’s not much help :-\ )…

Where can you find this trick?

Split the atom, kamikaze mount


Ok so I’m pretty good now anyone have any really cool looking tricks that are like advanced


Trapeze brother mount slack


Haven’t looked through this thread so I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but Plastic Whip for sure. It looks kinda hard but I assure you if you look closely it’s pretty simple