few tricks based on........

hi guys
i need few tricks that based
on Metrix or Double or nothing that are
pretty hard and really cool

Yukki’s Slack. Amazing trick and very hard.

It’s Yuuki Slack. Just saying.

If you want “cooler” looking tricks, just be patient and get better. 'Cus to be honest, the Matrix isn’t that cool, but it’s great to show people that don’t yo-yo at all.

There is no spoon.

emm yea i know
people thats arent playing at all going crazy becouse of the matrix but tis not the best
by the way i just learned plastic whip what do you think about this trick its pretty

Yeah. Anyways…Plastic Whip is pretty cool. I guess it’s cool to show people whips and such. Not too affective by itself though, but try throwing it in between other tricks, like in the middle of the Matrix. It’s alright.


There’s a ton of stuff in this video…  Long intro, but once you’re past it, really good, basic combos and trick elements:

If you want something hard compared to a matrix, here are some other tricks you might find useful

in order from easiest to hardest, here are my suggestions: kwijibo, skin the gerbil, spirit bomb, black hops, hourglass… also, there are many variations to these trick, and you can even make your own tricks taking elements from these,