What's your favorite trick?

So list your favorite trick here in this thread! I know that you should already have your favorite trick on your own YYE profile but I think you can describe it more. I’ll go first:

Cheese Whip, Wrist Mounted Tricks, and Grinds
I just got back to grinds and I can grind so long! I love Cheese Whip cuz its whippy. :smiley:

Post on! NO haters or any offensive critism please.

It’s a pretty easy trick, but I still love split the atom. :smiley:
After that, I’d say Kwyjibo, then matrix fro my top 3.

Anything 3a, and the speedy stuff that you need a fast yoyo for

I’d say…Either matrix or Mach 5. i cant decide!

skin the gerbil and Mcbride roller coaster, because it is simple

The one i can do; ladder escape.
the one i can’t do; octopus.

octopus is great, i just too lame to learn that. . .

Didn’t we just have a post like this?

and whut. i love GTs.


i LLLOOOOOVVVEEE gt’s and i know about 45 but also i like hook spirit bomb revolutions and kwijybo and theres lots of tricks i make up i like to do for fun. And my favorite i cant do… LADDER ESCAPE.

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EDIT: Favorite tricks: Boin-E-Boing!! I can finally do it now! And Whut was my favorite but not now.

So lucky!! i cant do boing e boing how do u do it ???

It’s hard to describe boing-e-boing. People say that there is a secret secret to do the trick but it’s all personal desiscion.
Sorry, just practice. I was like you, couldn’t do boing-e-boing, but could do others much easier.

Suicides and Eli Chops (5a) ;D

I like to do Eli Hops. It is the one of the simplest tricks you can find, and I like the ‘bouncy’ feeling whenever the yoyo lands on the string. ;D

Suicide and the matrix

My favorite trick is plastic whip then the matrix. i always land the plastic whip wrong though… any tips?

For me its really a style of play. I LOVE picture tricks. Including GTs. I also love to do Eli Hops, slacks, suicides and grinds.

Tip: It says right under our names… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it says under our names. But all it says is “A trick”.

I really want to know why and how and what do you know about it or what not. Not just “A trick”.