Your Favorite trick?

I know that there is a thread like this every once and a while, and I think it is time for a new one. I am sure people have gotten better since the last one. It has to be a trick that you can do.
Mine is a three-way tie between Double D, Through the fire, and Spyderweb. They are all tricks that I have made up. Through the Fire is probably the toughest, but they are all pretty cool.

What’s yours?

kamikaze just cause its fun :smiley:

Definitely Hunter. My latest one, its so hard and string snagging that I can barely get past it with my hitman, but I can get it with my meteor like 75% of the time. Gotta practice alot.

But other than that, Airflow, my trick from a wrist mount. Very flowing.

My favourite to do is boing e boing. but I think yukki slack looks the coolest.

Right now my two favorite are Gryoscopic Revolutions (Only land it 25% of the time) and Im trying to get faster with my Atomic Bombs… Im working a combo of switching between Atomic Bombs and Boing-e’s… I’ve only done it well once so far. Once I get it solid I’d like to try and throw in some Takashi Boings

Yeah, favorite to do is boing-e-boing and it’s many variations.

Ryan On Fire, Gyro Swing, and my newest move, Argyle Swamp! (tut for that coming soon. :slight_smile: )

My freestyle. 8)

green triangle

Purple Pine.

that sounds cool. vid?

Mine are a few.
1- Kamikaze because i can do it really smooth but its short.
2- Candy Rain because when it is done smoothly it really flows and it is semi-long.
3- Ladder Escape because somehow on this site it kind of represents being a “master of tricks” (on this site)
4- Short Round- idk just because

any of mine in any style but 2A for now.

Dude, Short Round is SOOOO fun! :smiley:

gyro flop or boing e

Front 9
Third let
Locomotion (you guys should see this)
Whip thing


i been doing that “loose lucy” trick from a string burn episode a few weeks ago… its simple n easy.

Fire Escape
Candy Rain
Kamikaze Dougie T style :stuck_out_tongue:
All Systems Are Go
Dropped Cargo
Ladder Escape
Sleeper ;D
All pretty much in that order.

I am new to yo-yo and out of all the tricks I have learned I think Dizzy Baby Or Braintwister