What is your favorite yo-yo trick?

Hey guys, Just thought that this would be an interesting topic. Mine would have to be And Whut? it is a fun trick and looks really cool when done smoothly. Oh and it has to be a trick that you can DO. ;D

It’s a close race between the Breakaway and Sleeper for me.


gyroscopic flop

OMG I cant believe I forgot about that,lol

Walk the Dog

LOL but seriously guys.

I am serious. Those two tricks are really important to yo-yoing.

Either one of my tricks: Hypnosis or Rogue Grind.

Yellow Airplanes

Happy Throwing! =]

Is it just me or is there about 9 threads about this?!?   

Mine is Seatbelt.

Well people get better over time, so there is a need to make one every so often.

I like Eiffel Tower. Just gotta learn to throw a stronger sleeper so I can complete it!

Trapeze, sounds really stupid but worked really hard and made all sorts of variations and I KICK BUTT WITH IT NOW!!

my new made-up Eiffel Trick.
I hope to have video soon thast will show it.

Recycle, Kamikaze, Plan D, Hour Glass, And Whut?¿!¡ and the tricks you’re gonna see in my next Vid Tourny Vid!

i like hour glass,gyro flops,white buddha,and boing e boing, also sea sick.

oh yeah also gyro flops!

are pretty fun to do, try it yourself ;D

I like rock the baby,gyro flop, thriller and all slack tricks, grinds and chopsticks