fav yoyo trick

what’s your guys favorite yoyo trick? mines Ladder Escape ;D

Time twister, I practiced and practiced forever, then I finally got it. Now it is my best, smoothest, most amazing trick I have up my sleeve!

my own?



Even after 5 years of yoyoing i still love that trick

My made up trick JooJew

<—For future reference bud.

You made up Fav. Yo-Yo: YYF DV888??? Oh my god!!! ^&(&%()&$@*(!!! ZOMG!

Jade whips.

is this randy shreeves from werrd alliance?
wow, in my early yoyoing career, your vids inspired me a lot, even now.

my fav tricks is the one i can execute flawlessly, i rarely name any of my made up tricks or combo.

if it refers to someone else tricks, it would be rancid milk.

My favorite trick is the Were-bear slack… A trick I modified version of bear attack which I didn’t create… haha

Yes, I played the part of the clueless newb to throw you all off.

Mwahah. I am truly the maker of the YoyoFactory DV888.
Nicely played


Anything with the word “Gyroscopic” in it. I.E. Gyroscopic Flop and Gyroscopic Stall

Red Clover.

Yeah, Red Clover is one of my favorites as well.

Plus Kwyjibo and my own Kwyjibo-based combos.

pop ‘n’ fresh and combos including pop ‘n’ fresh

Eli hops, Boing e boing, superman, cold fusion, asian pops, some trick Takeshi Matsuura did which i don’t know, chopstick laceration, green triangle, lacerations, and And Whut?

Yep, thanks very much. Im glad you got inspiration from my vids ;D . Im going to try working on some more over the holidays

dude, you can see someones fav trick on the left side of there post…

Organized and ping pong :o

Don’t know the names of them but some stuff Tyler Rose showed me.