Whats your all time favourite trick?


I’ve been wondering what everybody’s favourite trick(s) to do?

Mine are probably skin the gerbil, revolutions, and gyroscopic flop.


A lot, but recently, this one


Cold fusion




Grinds and Asian pops


Breath by Spencer Berry and Keys in the Car by Drew Tetz

(Alex Fairhurst) #7

wave slack or follow. soiled panties is a good one too.


No offense, but this is a pointless thread. Favorite (or favourite for you non Americans) trick is listed under each members’ name. But, while I’m here, might as well contribute. Heart Slack is the GOAT trick!


I love heart slack!


Boingy boing and variations to it, the feeling of the yoyo bouncing between your fingers is awesome!


Besides the one trick that I made up (I lack creativity :P), I love Superman.