What was your original fav. yoyo/fav. trick vs. current one?


There aren’t records kept on these, but try to remember so you can see how you’ve progressed. It’s fun to look at and laugh at how you were once a noob.

My original one:
Fav. Yo-Yo: Yomega Xodus II
Fav. Trick: Brain Twister

Current one:
Fav. Yo-Yo: YYF Shu-Ta, ODxTS T1, CLYW Yeti,
BillyBobs Civility, YYF Genesis+, TK No-Jive.
Fav. Trick: Horizontal Revolutions

My, how I have progressed.


Fav. Yoyo: Yomega Raider or BX2
Fav. Trick: Looping (despite sucking at it)

Fav. Yoyo: Yomega Prodigy
Fav. Trick: Suicides, specifically the one in Ann Connolly’s Slack Wrist mount video (she explained catching it as a suicide).


Trick: Drop in the bucket and Ripcord
Yoyo: Metal Zero
Trick: My own stuff
Yoyo: Ringmaster

Not much to laugh at.


Original: Yomega Fireball

Original: Trapeze.

Current: RecRev Mangaroo

Current: Ladder Escape


YYJ Legacy
Double of nothing

Yoyofficer Musket
White budah


F.A.S.T. 201
Boing E Boing

FG Avalanche
(IDK what trick now, I do so much improv that it’s hard to name a trick. ^^")


This really hard trick I’ve been working on that I’ve only landed thrice.


Fav. Yoyo: YYF Grindmachine
Fav. Trick: Gondola

Fav. Yoyo: CLYW x OD Summit
Fav. Trick: Eli Hops.

(major_seventh) #9


Fav. Yoyo: 888x, PHENOM
Fav. Trick: Kamikaze, Horizontal Skin the Gerbil

Fav. Yoyo: General-Yo, CLYW, Werrd
Fav. Trick: Flowy stuff with lots of string hits.


Original: Shinwoo Dolphin

Original: Houdini mount

Now: Clyw Arctic circle 2, Wolly Marmot 2, Bear vs Man 2, Summit and Sorry Yoyos Ratchet (seriously the thing is a beast)

Now: some more complicated tricks I’ve been able to come up with. No names yet!


As I recall:

Fav. Yoyo: Kyo DNS
Fav. Trick: Kwyjibo (I had put off listing a favourite trick for a while)


Fav. Yoyo: I can’t decide anymore!
Fav. Trick: Seasick


Fav. Yoyo: CLYW Wooly Marmot
Fav. Trick: Kwijibo

Fav. Yoyo: DS Wrath, Zeekio space monkey, CLYW Arctic Circle.
Fav. trick: Horizontal fingerspins.



Yoyo: Dv888
Trick: Grinds. All Grinds


Yoyo: Shutter, Flow, Flipside, Diamondback (even though I don’t have one :-[ )
Trick: My stuff and Wilson Ni’s BYYS Tutorials.


Yoyo: 888x or Positron (i got into modern yoyoing after Marcus Koh’s worlds 2011 freestyle, thats why i have the positron on here)

Trick: Eiffel Tower

Yoyo: Horizon or Aviator

Trick: Fingerspins

(Zammy Ickler ) #15

My favorite from back in the day:

Yoyo: Duncan Freehand one (The best and will forever be the best)
trick: Slack ironwhip done by Jason Lee in his Nats 2001 freestyle.

New, as of 2014:

Yoyo: Onedrop Code1
trick: Anything done via moebius.



OG Favorite yoyo: YYJ Classic, YYF DV888
OG Favorite Trick: Branding, Underwater Basket Weaving, Anything done by Janos since his 2011 vids

Current Fav Yoyo: MagicYoYo D5 (1A, 3A, 5A), Loop 1080 for 2A, and I like the Duncan Hayabusa w/ MOD Spacers more than a stock Go Big for 4A
Current Fav Trick: Anything Done via FlyTraps


Yoyo:custom modfathered fhz 2


Yoyo: soda blasted velvet avalanche

Trick:chopsticks Eiffel Tower to gt


-OD MarkMont Next
-Skin the gerbil

-YYR Overdrive

(Ian) #19

when I was a little kid-Duncan Imperial/shoot the moon

Since rediscovering yoyos-YYF Shutter/Buddha’s revenge

Current-Sturm Panzer Eclipse Ogre/Yuuki’s Nats


First yoyo: Duncan mosquito
Fav. Trick: rock the baby

New favourite: marmot 2
Fav. Trick: slack sticks->wristmount GT