What is your favorite 1A trick?

What is that 1 trick that you absolutely love throwing each day? Why this trick? And lastly, how long did it take you to learn it?

For me, Boingy-Boing is probably one of my favorite tricks. BUT,…

My #1 favorite trick would be a Kamikaze. I love that this trick pulls in multiple mounts and tricks into one throw. Although I have not mastered it yet, it’s getting close. I started working on this trick about 3 days ago and can get through 50% of it. I will reply to my original post once I learn it and you will then know how long it took me to learn the trick. :slight_smile:

Sleeper. Seems like I throw one every time i play.

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As we all make our own tricks and combos for me to pick a trick created with a tutorial it would have to be Classic Yuuki Concepts. So much fun to do and end a session with! (Yes I’m conscious on how I finish play time haha)


It’s not hard, i know a lot cooler tricks, but the trick i find myself doing the most is probably the Gentry Stein trick i got when i bought the Shutter. It’s a really fun trick.

Creepin’ GT. Even though I can only consistently do the first part ;D

airport by frank ILLY. It’s not that hard, it’s just a really fun, impressive trick

Yuuki stuff and Rancid Milk.

Would have to say lotus bloom and brent stole

Waynegasm. I’ve learned longer and more “impressive” tricks, but I just love this one. It’s been one of my “idle” tricks for about a year and a half now. Haha!


^yo that was illy. I gotta learn that trick.

My favorite for my own personal enjoyment is just Houdini into a trapeze. My favorite that actually looks a bit more impressive is red clover. I usually start every session with both. Sometimes I’ll just do Houdini mount over and over. I love that mount.

Anyone find it interesting that he is having a Waynegasm in front of La Perla?

Kamikaze is my favorite trick and still practicing it is a pain.

My favorite is Protrusion. I enjoy that one a lot.

I REALLY love this trick here, Janos is a crazy yoyoer! Still trying to make it look smoother :wink:


I don’t know what La Perla is. :wink:

But for the record: Wayne didn’t name the trick himself. Now he’s stuck with it. Haha!

I agree that this mount is a lot of fun. I love going from a Houdini mount to a Kamikaze Mount and then hoping into a Gyro Flop.

I’ve never tried a Red Clover. I will have to check that out!

Is there a trick to landing the rejection because for me it lands in trapdoor

Oh, EASILY any Janos trick, even though I can’t exactly do them heh heh.