What is your favorite trick?

What is your favorite yo-yo trick that you can do/ made up? Mine would be Buddha’s Revenge. I love that trick, and pwn at it.

I pwn at Split the Atom. Except when I’m in dim light and using my dark green string. Haha.

I pwn at hidemasa hook.

I can’t decide. I like Organzed, Ladder Escape, Haddock, and Rancid Milk. And a couple of my combos.

Anything I made, I have never named a trick before.

Yellow Airplanes!

Happy Throwing! =]

Same here. And I like doing Endure.

Spirit Bomb and some tricks I made up! :wink:

Trick section?

I like Ladder escape. Most of my tricks are heavily based on it.

Brain Twister!!!

Well I struggle with it sometimes but Sleeper :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite is the one I made up. :smiley:

Yellow barrel rolls! :wink:

Yeah, that sleeper just gets me every time. ;D

New pwnage!!!-Atomic Bomb is beast


Please check dates on threads before you post in them. :wink:

8 days isn’t much of a necro. And it wasn’t even a necro - This thread will never end.

I got this new weird trick that’s inspired by John Chow perfected, which is my favorite.

Hotel Plaza

Ladder Escape or anything I’ve made.