Favorite trick


Hey, just need more tricks to learn,
What are your guys favorite 1A tricks? Would love to hear!
Thank you


My favorite tricks are my own :stuck_out_tongue:

Outside of that my fav is skin the gerbil but that’s probably too basic for you

Ladder Escape and Soiled Panties are good ones too if you like technical tricks


Rancid Milk was fun to learn.

Also Andy569s trick Asian Evasion is great. He made a tutorial. Too hard for me ATM though.


Right now I’m working on Jensen’s"yoyos are stupid". Othen then that I would have to say anything by Jeremy from King Yo Star. His stuff is always good.


I’m working on trying to do The matrix but horizontal, leaning back like limbo and over my face. By far my favourite trick at the moment even though I’ve hit my head twice