What are your favorite tricks??

Hey guys… I am looking to learn some new and unique tricks.
I am curious to learn what some of your current favorites are.

Videos and tutorials would be greatly appreciated!!!

Ill start off with a few of my favorites that I have been practicing recently.






I’m a fan of the Gondola/Monorail. Simple and distinctive.

I stumbled into a funky sideways mach 5-ish drop thingamy while trying to learn Augie Fash’s matreshka trick. I’ll try to film and post a video tomorrow if I have time.


That Mach 5ish trick that James Reed did at the sector y cal states video interests me

My favorite trick is Yuuki Concepts. (mobile does not allow you to change your profile). I really want to learn some Charles Haycock stuff though.
Yuuki Concepts

Revolutions/ Green revolutions, it looks so smooth.

A smooth follow thing is pretty awesome.

I’m going to recommend my personal favorite trick: soiled panties. All of raytsh’s tricks are pretty cool, but I like that one the most

Just watched the tutorial… Looks incredibly difficult.
This is the type of trick I desperately need in my vocabulary though.
Time for me to start practicing!

None of the moves are that difficult, it’s just the getting-it-fluid part that’s hard. It takes a while but it’s definitely worth it to learn the trick. Good luck!