Impressive Intermediate Tricks?

Any suggestions for tricks that are not hard, but look cool?

Some of the tricks I can do are: And Whut, my own version of Kamikaze, Mexican Duck Pond, Magic Drop, Waynegasm, Seth’s Repeterson, Eli Hops, Magic Trick, Tower to Ping Pong, and Fake Out (one of the best tricks for low difficulty and high cool factor).

We have had threads like this before, but usually the suggestions are things like boing-e-boing and eli hops and those are good tricks. The are easy and look cool, but I’m looking for the next step.

Here is a list of all the tricks in the thread so far. They are in order of appearance, but I put a ** by the ones that I learned and were really on target for my skill level at the time.

Lord of the flies (Maybe Hook if you can’t Stole at the end?)
Rancid Milk (Worth it, but not easy.)
Ping Pong
Trap Exit by - Alexis JV
Yuukified Poutine Bucket
Lotus Bloom
Skin the Gerbil** (Smooth it out, and it looks very good.)
Candy Slack**
Montgomery Twist**
A Shadows Shadow
Tal Mordoch Slack nd Unwind
Red Clover
Endure –
Trap Tower
Classic Yuuki Concepts
Presque Vu Tutorial**
Underwater Basket Weaving
Gyro Flops
Pop N Fresh
Turbo Encabulator**
Zammy 1a tutorial: “Like A Boss”
Three Fisted Crab
Fred – Fred’s Special
Simple Combo Breakdown. (lots of good individual elements)
Tatsuya Fujisaka Yoyo Trick Tutorial (elements you see a lot of other places)
1a yo-yo Combo Elements Trick Tutorial - FakeOut**
Amuse from Rethink yo-yo


one of my favorites is and has been Branding for a while now. Id give that one a whirl. :slight_smile:

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That does look cool. Thanks!

Lord of the flies might be worth learning also! I’m not sure if that would be too hard or not, you might just have to try it and find out.

I like that one. I probably can do that if the string will cooperate. Well the Brent Stole at the end might be tough. Maybe I should learn that one first…

Branding is fun. I’ve got it all down now and I can catch the loop about 50% of the time, but it’s getting better.

Any ideas on a cool way to end LotF without the brent stole at the end?
That way I could practice just the first part…

Branding is nice.
Lord of the Flies is going to take a little while.

Any other suggestions for when I get frustrated with LotF? ;D

Rancid Milk and Vector are two very awesome tricks. They may be a little too much or harder than what you’re used to, but you’ll never improve unless you push yourself.

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Rancid Milk is next level beyond what I think you’re looking for, but Zorro is right. You can do it with some concentration and effort! I learned it before I was “due” to learn it. Just took some time and practice.

Impressive for NON-yoyoers? They like tricks that are not what they’re expecting to see. Perhaps “Ping Pong”? Not hard, but makes people go “wha?”

I’ve been doing Alexis JV’s “Trap Exit” for a while now… that’s a neat looking trick with elements that both yoyoers and non-yoyoers would enjoy watching and which have a “cool” factor.

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Yuukified poutine bucket is pretty awesome

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Lotus Bloom is a pretty popular trick:

Obviously it depends on your definition of “Intermediate”, but it’s not all that difficult and it looks pretty slick. :slight_smile:

^ That is pretty sweet looking as well.

and finally…



Thanks guys! Looks like I have a couple things to practice.

I found this one, and it’s a lot of fun, so I thought I’d add it on.

I haven’t learned this one yet, but it doesn’t look too difficult. Candy Slack comes before this one, because it’s awesome.

There’s a trick here

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This one may be above the ‘intermediate’ level, but he breaks it down really well in the tutorial and it looks super impressive.


This one’s pretty cool, I came up with it (I think) I call it “Houdini’s Triangle”, I don’t have a tutorial yet, but I’ll do a not so in depth description.

  1. Houdini Mount

  2. First part of Candy Slack (0:19 to 0:24 in the Candy Slack video in a post above)

  3. Swing the yoyo towards you under the two strings, and then in one motion pop it back over and onto the front string.

(EDIT: Added a step to avoid confusion) 4. Drop the string on your NTH index finger.

  1. Take your NTH index finger and put it where your NTH thumb is.

  2. Drop the string on your TH.

  3. You should have a pseudo GT now! Just like the one in Gondola.

I hope you can figure it out from that, I wanna make a video on it, I just need to convince my parents that I’m not gonna be murdered for a month of Sundays if my face is on the Internet.

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Hey guys, thank you very much for all these suggestions. I’ve been feeling stale with my yoyoing and these suggestions are great.

The Trap Tower falls into the low difficulty category and finishes into a double or nothing.  It is easy to learn and may fall into being an advanced beginner trick.  Here is a link to the Trap Tower tutorial .


I should say that because of this thread I’ve been practicing The Gondola and Lotus Bloom all week. Great Tricks. Gondola was the easier of the two by far. The exit of Lotus Bloom took some study but I’m now getting it.

Thank you for the great suggestions.