Library of 1A Tricks ITT (Work in Progress)

I noticed how many people often ask for new tricks, and how hard it is to find a brand new trick if you don’t know specifically what you are looking for, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a single thread with the best tutorials to as many tricks as possible.

Please add to the thread the trick name and a link to a good tutorial as well as the inventor of the trick (if you know who), and I will update the OP as they come. I will add Andre’s tricks that are in the Learn section later, as well as the others that I am familiar with.

Oh, and please also add the difficulty of the trick, in your perspective. I am organizing the tricks mostly as they are in the Learn section, except a bit more compacted, with just “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, “Advanced”, and “Expert”.

And, before you add to the thread, if you would put the link through here, I would love it.


Gravity Pull- Learn Section/YYE
Sleeper- Learn Section/ YYE
Rock the Baby- Learn Section/YYE
Brain Twister- Learn Section/YYE
Stop and Go- Learn Section/YYE
Breakaway- Learn Section/YYE
Trapeze- Learn Section/YYE
Walk the Dog- Learn Section/YYE
Creeper- Learn Section/YYE
Forward Pass- Learn Section/YYE
Around the World- Learn Section/YYE
Adjust Tension (Responsive)/Under "UFO- Learn Section/YYE
Pop the Clutch- Learn Section/YYE
Eiffel Tower- Learn Section/YYE
“X” Flag- Learn Section/YYE

Sidewinder- Learn Section/YYE
Split Bottom Mount- Grawrd, Learn Section/YYE
Double or Nothing- Grawrd, Learn Section/YYE
Houdini Mount- Grawrd
Trapeze and his Brother- Grawrd
Triple Tower- Lank
The Zipper- Learn Section/YYE
The Matrix- Learn Section/YYE
Rewind- Learn Section/YYE
Wrist Whip- YYE/Learn
Bonair- Aldo8250

Roulette- ChaseyoMonsteR
Bad-A-Boom- Michael G
Rain- Jeremy Levine
Mach Whip- Link
Junkyard- Manny_Bee
Follow- Link
Guy Wright Bind- Guy Wright (duh)
Plaid Shoes- ibanezcollector
Revolutions- Learn Section/YYE
Skin the Gerbil- Learn Section/YYE
Brent Stole-
Iron Whip- Learn/YYE
Canadian Bacon- Link

Ninja Vanish- Grawrd
Montgomery Twist- Mike Montgomery
c-cow-b- Chris “Dr.Yoyo” Allen
Shooting Star Suicide- ibanezcollector
Attack The Slack- Jamesofyoyo
The Last Crusade-Gerard Amento
Short Round-Gerard Amento
Organized!-Gerard Amento

Trapeze and his Brother- Grawrd
Double or Nothing- Grawrd, Learn Section/YYE
Split Bottom Mount- Grawrd, Learn Section/YYE
Houdini Mount- Grawrd
Trapeze- Learn Section/YYE
Under/Over (Braintwister/bind) Mount- Grawrd
1 1/2 Mount- Grawrd

Plastic Whip- Learn Section/YYE
Wrist Whip- Learn Section/YYE
Brent Stole-
Trapeze Laceration- Learn Section/YYE
Iron Whip- Learn/YYE

Shooting Star Suicide- ibanezcollector
Suicide- Learn/YYE
Double suicide- Learn/YYE

PS, I’m open to constructive criticism.


Good idea, where are the videos?

I’m going to post links later. The full video thing would be too big. shooting star suicide

It’s nearly imposible to name all the 1a yoyo tricks. Tricks are made every day. There are millions. And you can just type in yoyo tricks and look them up on youtube. :wink:

~James Reed

Totally agreed. Heck, you could just put 2 or 3 random words together with yoyo and there’s probably a trick called that.

I realize that, but I’m just trying to get some sort of a compilation.

EDIT: Organization as well.

There’s is one already here:,19249.0.html

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Kinda the same… not really. Thanks, though. There’s a lot of good info there.

Why do so when you can just type in yoyo tricks on youtube and nearly every single yoyo trick videos in the world will show up.

Why not? Is it a problem?

No offence but it seems pointless cause it’s imposible to name every yoyo trick. To do that you’d end up with a list over a thousand pages long. imo.

I have 4 more. idk if you want them or not, but the link is in my sig.

btw, good idea!

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thanks :smiley:

Canadian Bacon

Creator - Cody Maritnka

i dont know which section to put this under…?  advanced?

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Branch clock. Lets see you find THAT in a vid :stuck_out_tongue:

You have Triangle Laceration and Brent Stole both listed… Same trick my friend.

I do? I wasn’t aware… I think I’m spreading myself a bit thin between too many projects…


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I’m working on a new trick called hopusan

its basicaly:
T trapeze
kwijibo pop to 1.5 mount
1.5 mount into stalled 1.5
hopusan mount
hopusan hops
1.5 mount
reverse houpusan mount
hop onto front string
drop string
Hop out of gt
(ext edition starts here)
black hops pt 1
T trapze

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