M888's 1A MEGAPOST/guide v1 (complete)

This is a work in progress :wink: Please notify me of any changes need be made


what yoyo to get?
-response types

What makes a yoyo a yoyo?
-weight placement

First tricks to learn:
-forward pass
-around the world

trick set 1:
-straight throw
-string tension
-Double or nothing
-split bottom mount/split the atom
-Mach 5
-atom bomb

Trick set 2:
-strong/straight throw
-the matrix
-plastic whip
-1.5 mount/Mcbride roller coaster
-buddha’s revenge
-eli hops
-slack trapeze
-wrist whip
-mondial/pop 'n fresh
-iron whip
-magic drop

trick set 3:
-skin the gerbil
-jade whip
-wrist mount
-spirit bomb
-Black hops

Final trick list
-and whut
-super man
-double iron whip
-ladder escape
-white buddha
-yuuki slack

further advanced tricks:

rethink yoyo

Making combos

-frontstyle (taught by Jayyo)
-Sidestyle (taught by me)

The Final verdict:

What yoyo to get?
So you have decided to stat to yoyo eh? But now you are asking yourself, “what yoyo to get”? My number one recommendation is to get a fast201 if you are un-sure you want to stay with yoyoing. But, If you are sure you will stay with yoyoing through thick and thin, then get a velocity. And if you have a change of heart and decide to stay with yoyoing, upgrade from that fast 201 to a velocity. The reason being, is that velocitys have good rim weighting and have ajustable response levels, what does that mean? You’ll soon find out.

Fast 201:http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/27/YYF-Fast-201

of course, pick up some strings aswell:

Ok, now lets examine the innards of your velocity (If you aren’t totally committed to yoyoing, throw your fast201 for a little bit and see if yoyoing is your thing!)

The bearing: Open up the yoyo, you will see a small silver cylinder with a string attached. This is the ball bearing. The bearing contains 8 balls and is a size A (small bearing) You attach your string’s loop to the bearing, while you create a slipknot on the other end of the string, thats what goes on your finger.

Response: Your velocity uses an adjustable response, when you turn the dial, the yoyo becomes more or less responsive, we’ll touch on that later. For now, dont play with it.

the finish is standard plastic, nothing special, no grindability…

What makes a yoyo…a yoyo?

Well, if you are serious, you eventually will consider buying a new yoyo, while you are still learning, your velocity will do you fine, but sometimes, you just feel like you want something more. This decision is yours, but let me share some things to consider and some things you just need to know about yoyos:

the body- the whole yoyo
axle- the piece of threaded metal that sticks out of one side, in some cases, this axle is floating, that means the axle can be un-screwed by hand.
bearing seat-where the bearing rests
rims-the two outer parts on the body

weight placement:
Weight is mainly placed in two places, the rims and the center. Center weighted yoyos are more tolerable of a sloppy throw, while heavily rim weighted throws vibe on an off throw. (vibe meaning the yoyo will send vibrations up the string. Think of this as a pinewood derby car, If you put lead in the front of the car, it will travel fast downhill but a slight turn may drive the car out of controll (ie, the yoyo in your throw, the speed is your sleep time) Then, there is the derby car that has lead distributed evenly. The car may handle turns better, the will also not travel as fast (less sleep time). While your throw plays a big factor in sleep time, weight placement plays a role too.

the two commonly used materials in yoyos are plastic and aluminum. Plastics do not get dings, but metals can grind better with an adapted surface (Blasted, matte)

The most common 1A shape is butterfly, H and v
Butterfly-rims shaped like butterfly wings ><
V- Rims create a V, this allows a larger catch zone and less strinf contact for suicides
H- Rims shaped like an H, usually with a diameter of 55mm+, this setup maximizes rim weight.

First tricks:

sleeper: You are going to want to curl your wrist and really get this strong, at this point, you should have at least 15 seconds before advancing.

Breakaway: Same idea as sleeper, sideways…15-20 seconds

Forward pass: A looping trick, still good to learn

Around the world: Seems impossible at first, keep at it

trapeze: Get this trick down, and get it good. Listen to andre’s tips

Trick set 1:
sleeper v2: Practice some more and get 30 seconds

string tension: Becomes important later on

braintwister: Your first string trick

double or nothing: Same as trapeze IMPORTANT TRICK!!!

split bottom mount/split the atom: The mount takes practice, so practice…

atom bomb:simple if you have mastered the mount

Mach 5: Simple

trick set 2: unresponsive from here on out

sleeper v3: You need to get your throw perfectly straight and have 1min+ sleep time, same with breakaway. To practice straight throws, line the gap of the yoyo up with a straight line on the floor and throw away.

binds: Get these strong, as important as a sleeper

the matrix: Great combo move, learn it with your soul

plastic whip: Some find it hard, just practice it.

rewind: Another combo move, smoooooth trick

boing-e-boing: REALLY HARD takes a LOT of practice

1.5 mount/Mcbride roller coaster: The 1.5 mount is required for you to move on, so get it good

buddha’s revenge: Learn it, required for white buddha proficiency

eli hops: A fun trick that can be used in combos and takes practice

kwijibo: Good to practice your precision

slack trapeze: Hard, its a good one, practice, string tension

wrist whip: average difficulty, good in combos

mondial/pop 'n fresh: hard but good to learn, precision trick

iron whip: Practice young jedi…

laceration: Easy, fun, can cause snags

magic drop: important

skin the gerbil: Smooth and good to learn

jade whip- important, takes practice

wrist mount-  if you can get a good double or nothing, this should come easily

spirit bomb- average difficulty

hook-learn it, it’s important

kamikaze- Take this for combos/good practice

Black hops- Takes practice, good for precision 

seasick- Hard, but impressive

Final trick list:

and whut-n/a

super man-n/a


double iron whip-hard, takes practice

ladder escape-long trick

white buddha-easy

yuuki slack-cool looking, somewhat easy

Suicide-one of the hardest tricks you can do, takes a LOT of practice

More advanced tricks:


Making combos:
I suck at frontstyle, so here’s Josh’s post on FS combos:

And here’s my explanation on sidestyle combos:

“im going to keep this simple, all you have to do to make combos is string tricks together, maybe do half a trick and transition into another trick. For example, a good combo would be to do an and wut, up to the point you get into a stalled 1.5 mount and then start doing a white buddha, into an hour glass and then bind back, it’s really that simple”

Andre, the organizer, Xela and rethink yoyo for their videos
Josh (Jayyo) For his awesome frontstyle post
Everyone at yoyoexpert for being so Kick***
Brett Grimes for the high speed video

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Bump, finished v1
4:14 pm

Nice guide. I need to show this to my friend.

Just a tip for the sidetyle combos, I reccomend to play around with the trapeze mount. Just string together some trapezes/double on trapezes/eli hops/trapeze bros slacks/skin the gerbil-like motions and things like that. It looks very impressive, yet is very easy.


I think you should give credit to Brett for that video. The links of the others give credit themselves.

I don’t think we need another trick list here when all of them are already cataloged on this site.

ahh, but I find some trick useless to know

You could also put the Duncan Mosquito as an option, since its cheaper and for those who dont want to order online it can be found at walmart for 6$. Also you could post some pictures of the different yoyo shapes, and other things.

Why are basic picture tricks useless to know? They are one of the greatest crowd-pleasers out there.

I originally planned this as the fastest way to get from beginner to pro, So in turn for that, I mixed the order of things around and removed tricks not usually seen in combos. The only picture trick I’ve seen in combos is triple tower.

you seem a little edgy lately, everything OK?

suicides are not the most difficult.

they do take up a lot of time to learn, so why waste your time with 1 trick when you could have a bunch of other tricks down in the same time.

I find that hard to beleive. you’ve never seen someone end in a basic tower, or anything else?

And I don’t understand why, not only here, but practically everywhere I post a suggestion, you jump on it by saying I’m argueing or I need to calm down. I’m just stating my opinion, which is practically all of these tricks are listed on this very site, and some people learn in a different order, or want to learn picture tricks. If someone states an opinion that doesn’t match yours, just sit down and take a breath before you ask if they’re edgy or if everything is okay, that’s just stupid.

take one and count to ten

<3 pat…

Um wow that pretty much sums every thing up.