Step up and add to it if you can do it!

Let’s have some fun as a group and create some combos and/tricks together. This is how it works.

A. You can only add a move if you can complete all the moves prior to that move.
B. Only add one move. For example, break away into a trapeze would be two moves. The reason for only adding one move is so that our newer friends can accompany us for a bit.
C. Number your move in it’s proper sequence, after 10 moves are added, the one move rule changes to a 2 move rule. However, if you only want to add one move, that’s fine. After 30 moves, you can add up to 3 moves, after 40 moves you can add 4, and so on.
D. Vids are always welcomed but not necessary. (Honor system ya know :wink: )
E. After each bind, all those that have been eliminated can join back in.

Let’s have some fun!

I’ll start,

  1. Break away

I’d better get

  1. Man on the Flying Trapeze

in while I can still keep up :wink:

  1. Hop to Double or Nothing

so kwijibo? ok then

  1. The Matrix

No, Hop to Double or Nothing. Check out Definitive’s tutorial to see what I mean.

And the Matrix consists of multiple steps.

  1. Hop to 1.5 mount… I LOVE 1.5 MOUNT
  1. Figure 8!

7,Chia rejection whip thingy.

1/2 Mount Suicide

I’m out xD

  1. Backflip

Yeah what is this supposed to be? You’ll have to be a little more specific…

At  12 seconds…

I think the spirit of the OP was lost already. The idea isn’t to see how fast you can make the trick unable to do for many. :slight_smile:

@skitrz, should we start anew?


Yes, let’s do start over!

1 break away

Just one step/move at a time please. :slight_smile:

1 and 1/2 mount.

Edit - I can do that. :slight_smile:

Goofy pop / pitch / whatever you call that where you send the yoyo out and then bring it back into the 1.5 mount.

Pop yoyo over NTH (Like in Buddah’s Revenge)

  1. Underpass
  1. Double or nothing