Bust a move!

This is a new forum game I made up just for this site. It’s called Bust A Move. I post the first step of a trick, then someone else uses that step and adds another and so on and so forth. The seventh person makes the last step and names the trick and we all have a new tick to add to our arsenal! Hooray!

Here you go. The first step.

almost finishe with my vid!

simply pop it back into a wrist mount:


for the people who are next,be creative!dont do soirit bomb or superman or gring - triangle ,etc…

I don’t think you understand. That wasn’t a wrist mount. Go back and look again.

I kno it wasnt a wrist mount,I just couldnt do it the right way so I didnt do the ‘whip-ish’ part.I just land it on the string farthest from me and let the b ack loop slide off my non-throwhand pointer while pinching the back string.

well, alright.

cool,anyone going to “bust a move?”

No. The mount you started with is very different from the original one. Unless we made a way to magically change the mounts, then it will work, but for now, it wont.

I will upload my entry as the second step soon.

sounds good.

Aw, come on! Is no one gonna bust a move.

I’ll do number step three after Samad gets his up

Sorry - I can’t think of anything :slight_smile:

I’ll upload mine after you do yours :slight_smile:

Okay I have the second step just have to upload to youtube and let them do their thing so just a little longer.

cool cant wait


Sweet move! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I can barely get into that. I always hit my hand.

Yeah took me forever but when i got it, it looked good so i made it the next move.

Is anyone else working on the next move at all?

I’m still working on your move.