Bust a move!

I’m gonna make one when the time is right…

I finally hit the second step. Who’s gonna do the next one???

If no one will jump up to make the next move can I just go ahead and make the next one?

yeah go ahead.

i got step 2 and i’m trying to think of something for step 3.
question? do i nead to post the video on youtube first or can i just atatch it to my reply?


is ti ok if i do steps 3 and 4? cuz i thought of 2 pretty cool moves, or i could have it be one step.

If they are separate moves then go for 3 and 4.

the one move though is really short so i think i will make it 1. but first i have 2 convince my mom to let me use her camera to record it. :frowning:

well i have steps 3 and 4 recorded but don’t have aney way to uplaod them. cuz i don’t have a youtube acount and the file is to big to atatch to my reply :’( so i guess someone else will have to come up with the next steps. maybe we should ask augi to help?

make a youtube account :stuck_out_tongue:

You can either get a youtube account, or a vimeo account, or photobucket I believe can have videos. All of these are free and very easy to get.

I’d love to try and help but I cant figure out what the first move is…

I feel super noobish

I’m right with you! ;D I just wanted to give props for the guy who invented the game…Props!

Yeah… we should start a new one for newbs… One that starts a little easier
And it was Pandajoe who started it.

The first move isn’t that hard once you learn the fingers. First thing first you have to have good string tension, if you don’t it will be a lot harder to land it. You start off with a double of nothing but over your two thumbs. So it goes NTH (none throw hand) thumb, throwhand thumb, then NTH index. Pinch you TH (throw hand) thumb with your index, so that there is slack. Now just throw/kind of whip the slack under the yoyo and bring it up between the yoyo and your hand. And thats the mount PandaJoe had!

ya. Can we make one for newbies like me :wink:

cool!!! :o

Aw its not THAT hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

hey thanks man now i can do it

panda joe maybe you should have people put a small “how to” like what i just quoted below there vids

just a suggestion

but cool

Yeah know. I was trying to do it in a rush and thought it was pretty self explanitory. I’ll do it next time.