need help on riot control!


okay i need a different tutorial for it because the one im using is giving me a hard time  completing because didn’t understand a part of it because it does not use words. please help heres the video im having trouble with


So what part of the trick do you have troubles with?


from 1:00 to 1:05 i cant figure that part out


Bump come on I need some help here!


dont you just hate tutorials that dont have words? I was gunna attempt to learn it but i hate when people just slow the trick down. Just goes to show you how differently people learn. All my tutorials i not only show people the trick, i break it down with WORDS from my MOUTH. Hahaha smh

I am here:
|Y|O|R|E|D|  @~~


Yeah I just wanted to learn the trick cause well it looked cool


Bump come in I need help with this trick otherwise I only know half of it!


PM Coleman and ask for some tips, where your stuck. or different angles. im about to work on learning it right now, ill help ya out


Yay! I will be able to figure out the trick!


Man still can’t figure it out


It’s a pretty easy trick.

Basically your in that weird double or nothing-type of mount and you have a lindy loop with it. Are you in the mount properly?

Ok so basically your moving the yoyo towards you. You’re moving the yoyo in between the back two strings. You’re taking off the bottom string wrap around the yoyo as you do so.

What you have done is simply move the yoyo from the front of the mount, to the back. This creates some extra wraps. Drop the front string on your non throw hand

It’s kinda of hard to explain. but it’s easy


Imsorry Abby, i havent had time to learn it :confused: its hard being a man lol. bust busy busssyyy. i promise i will help tho, give me one more day. ill learn this junk when i get home from work tomorrow and post a “help for abby1371” video hahaha :slight_smile:


hmm still confused


hmm still confused
ok maybe try learning this trick first? Try to think about doing a move similar to this trick, but in Colemans mount.


Ok thank you for the video it makes it a little less confusing


Alright got that part down now I cant seem to get that popping motion after it


Bump still need help here!


bump still confused on the trick here


make a vid of what you having trouble with???


I font have a youtube account to show you guys