"and whut"

im lost on the last pop no clue what the heck im doing at all! help i need an AMAZING guide for this. im lost and not a single tut has helped.

Ok, so, you’re in that little mount thing where the yo-yo hits the top sting and bounces down on the bottom sting. Then what you do is pop the yo-yo out of that mount away from you. The yo-yo should be hanging as if you are about to go to a double-or-nothing or a 1 1/2 mount. Then you take both of your hands and bring them away from you. What you are going to do is get the bottom string and make it go over the yo-yo, around, and then hook it on the bottom of the yo-yo on the other side. You should end up in a mount similar to what you started with except with a twist on the string that’s attached to the yo-yo. After figuring out what’s going on, try doing it in one fluent motion.

Well, that’s it. I hope this wasn’t too confusing.

EDIT: Here’s the video.

wow thank you soooo much honestly exactly what i needed. I’ve looked all over and nobody shows a good way to get that. Thank you and hopefully this helps me learn the trick.

I honestly got down the rest of the trick in an hour after watching your video you are the best thankyou so much for the help:-):-):slight_smile:

I’m glad I could help :smiley:

I figured out a new way to do it!! Instead of popping the yoyo on the front, pop it on the back string closest to you, and then you will be in the correct mount, then you just continue from there! It helped me!