kwijibo help

ok so ive searched this topic before anyone tells me to,and ive watched the tuts on the trick but im still having trouble with poping the yoyo up and getting it to land back on the string, i cant seem to get my hands to go the right way,does anyone have tips?
any help would be great

please save my mind ???

Have you watched Brett’s High-Speed Breakdown? It’s important to know what’s going on when you pop the yo-yo and bring your arms across. Don’t try to “do it all in one motion” at first, instead slow the steps down an make sure you have the general idea down and then just keep practicing.

and, what pop is troubling you? first, second, third, or all of 'em?

realse all string get one finger pul it down and land in tapeze

There are 3? ???

well, there’s the first pop, where you bring your right index finger over your left hand as you cross, pushing your finger into the string coming from the bottom of the yoyo, then there is the pop where you uncross your hands and open the triangle, land it through and on the bottom string, and the third part is more of a swing than a pop, where you swing it onto the middle string (at the bottom of the wrist mount) coming onto the string that is coming right off the yoyo, and swinging the yoyo towards you so you can dismount. I definitely recommend watching ibanezcollector’s (brett’s) slow motion video. Keep in mind that he is a left handed thrower, so you have to think of it like you’re looking into a mirror.

Yeah I’ve watched bretts vid, Im having dramas just popping straight up and crossing and catching, everytime i pop it up it goes off to the left and it gets very fustrating >:(

when you pop up, make sure you’re popping UP.
don’t put you’re hand together and quickly upp apart. practics just make the yoyo jump up using both your hands and just making an upward motion. this could straighten out you hops. you can also try breaking down the trick. start with a trapze and practice the pop going into 1.5 mount.
then go into a 1.5 mount and practice going into double or nothing. finally, go into double or nothing and practice going back to trapeze. then just mix all the pop together. as for crossing your arms, the farther away your hand is from the yoyo the harder it’s gonna be to catch it since the yoyo has more to travel.

Umm can you say Spirit Bomb?

Try to pop the yoyo up pretty high. This will give you more time to line up the strings. If the yoyo is going over to one side, make sure you can do eli hops and can do it well enough that you can touch your hands together, even if you don’t land it.