How to pop the string for Mondial?

After I do the Mach 5 part of the trick, the yo-yo is stuck between the string that is in the bottom and top gap. When I spread my hands apart to pop the yo-yo in the air, it basically doesn’t move. Help?

Moving your hands apart is just the first part of the motion.

As you move them apart the yo-yo will start to make the upwards pop motion, but you then need to move them closer together in order to give the yo-yo enough slack to rise above your hands.  When the yo-yo rises above your hands you cross them and move them apart again to land the trick.

Watch our tutorial a few times if you haven’t already.  The motion can be tricky at first, but you’ll get it with practice.

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Here’s a video showing my problem. Even when I put my hands closer together, the yo-yo is still stuck.

I don’t see anything wrong with your setup, it looks like you’re getting into the mount correctly, you just need to work on the pop. Try getting into the trick with the yo-yo closer to your NTH if you can, and keep your hands relatively level as you try to pop it up.

This is how the string is wrapped around my yo-yo before I pop it. I don’t see how it’s possible to get the yo-yo in the air when it is wrapped around like this.

That looks right to me. Your hands should be moving together right as you do the pop, so that they can cross. Looks like you’re keeping them apart, which keeps the yoyo locked down.

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Yeah, that looks correct, the pop motion just takes some practice to get. Try what Myk_Myk mentioned.

I’m still unable to do the pop even when I let the yo-yo sag down and lift my hands upward.

You shouldn’t be lifting your hands up so much as bringing them together and crossing them over (front back, back front).

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Yeah, don’t worry that the yoyo seems trapped. Just go ahead and complete the motion with your hands, and it should work out.

I finally got it, I just had to relax and move my hands apart slower.


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