Why cant i do this?!

SO, I need to learn Pop N Fresh and I can go from the mach 5 mount back to 1 and a half but not from 1 and a half to mach 5. but for some reason when my fingers switch places the yoyo is in a mount that looks like a 1 and a half

( i can send a slo mo video if it helps.)
(the string is normally closer together) This is what happens most of the time (pic)

(or the throw comes off completely)

(or a brain twister mount)

Isnt this what you get by passing the yoyo in split bottom mount right onto the front string

I find this video helps I find it’s easier to see the movement of the trick.

It looks from that picture like you are not moving your throwhand under the yoyo during the pop from the split-bottom mount back to the mach 5 mount.

When you are in the split-bottom mount, you pop the yoyo up straight up into the top string and then move your throwhand forward and your non-throwhand backward, right? When you do that, you have to pass your throwhand underneath the yoyo while the yoyo is still up in the air. If you let the yoyo drop first so that your throwhand passes over the top of the yoyo, you will end up in the mount in your picture. It takes some confidence to get it right because you have to pop the yoyo up and cross your hands in one smooth motion, but once you know what to focus on it should hopefully start to click.

The other thing is that when you move your throwhand forward, it has to hit the front string. If you miss that string with your throwhand when you cross your hands, you’ll end up in something like a braintwister mount, so that could be what is happening when you get that.

Yeah looks like you’re not crossing both hands.

after my yoyo meet i got the tricks, thanks for all the help