Mondial Help

Hi All,

I searched and could but was not sure my Mondial issue matches the search results. Generally, two things happen when I attempt this trick.
First, if I don’t do things exactly straight when I pop the yoyo in the air I land in what looks like a split bottom mount except the string for the loop on my throw hand is wrapped around the axle instead of underneath it.
Second, I believe I’m careful and I keep my hands straight during the switch but when the yoyo comes back down I seem to have landed on all the strings thus leaving none in the air for an attempt at Pop N’ Fresh.

I guess I’m looking to understand how to setup the strings as to be more successful coming out of the Mach 5, popping the yoyo in the air then landing it correctly. I’ve watched at least six different videos online and it all makes sense. To top it off I’ve actually done it maybe 3-4 times out of what must be hundreds of attempts over the last week. That is actually the worst part. If I never did it I could chalk it up to some fundamental issue I need to hack through but hitting it about once a night just tends to make wrack my brain trying to think of what I did right.

Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Alrighty, time for me to confess something embarrassing… Split the Atom, I could NEVER do it. I learned the Split Bottom Mount but I could never wrap my head around it. I knew how the trick worked, I could go through it step-by-step but it never felt quite right, so I just moved on to a different trick.

A couple of nights ago the topic came up in the chat, in which I confessed the entire thing only to find out, I was in fact doing it properly the entire time, I just thought I was doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, why did I tell you all of that? Well, my point got lost somewhere in the middle of my mid-morning typing… but seriously, if you are having a lot of trouble with a simple trick that you understand the fundamentals of, don’t sweat it. Someday you will land it, don’t get overly frustrated by th fact that you can’t hit it.

However, have you looked at the tutorial(s) of Pop n Fresh? It is pretty much a Mondial repeater, maybe the answers you seek can be attained by watching that, who knows it could help. I wish I could be of more assistance but I am half asleep, I’ll check back to see if any of this garbled information made sense to you and try and help further. Happy Turkey Day!

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Thanks for the response d4rqk0n3. Your advice is quite true and appreciated. I am going to keep trying and also move onto some different tricks. No trick in my bag is “easy” for me so I have plenty to work on. :slight_smile:

I actually found out I was doing Mondial wrong when I started looking at the Pop N’ Fresh video. Based on how I land back on the string I can’t pop the yoyo up into the string above because it’s not there.

I wish you and everyone at YYE a very Happy Thanksgiving.

For those keeping score at home, I believe I sorted this out. I believe it was just a simple hand over hand issue when doing the switch. I refocused on keeping my throw hand above my non-throw hand on the switch and I hit it 3 times in a row. Thanks to everyone that checked this out and I hope this response helps someone down the line.

Awesome glad I can help :smiley: