Help with Mondial

The video doesn’t really explain it to me. ??? But the good thing is I learned a few tricks after Mondial.

Dude, I TOTALLY feel you. I used to not be able to do it at all. It was SOOO frustrating. You just gotta keep at it. Check out the tutorial for Pop ‘n’ Fresh (the first step of which is Mondial) on YoTricks. The slo-mo might help.

All you fo, is get into the split bottom mount, do the first pass in split the atom (your just going in a circle with you’re non throw hand) its kinda hard to describe… Look at andrè boulays vid, and yotricks on YouTube. Andrè is the one on the site.

Can you do mach 5? If so I can make a quick tut vid on how to do it more clearly if you’d like :slight_smile:

mach 5 is easy so sure.

I need more advice. I’ve learned a lot more tricks after this one and I can’t seem to get this one. I have even learned and whut. Help?

what trick is that again? The one with the fake green triangle?

I find this tutorial helps a lot in just plain old general

And yes I realize what it is.

Thx abby

Since Mondial is just half of pop’n’fresh, look for other pop’n’fresh tutorials. One of them should click for you!

It took me a while to really get the strings to stay aligned through the gap during the hops. That’s the biggest room for error is landing the yoyo outside the string instead of on it.