mondial help

I need help on the mondial because there isn’t a video could you post instructions or another vid? thanks

I’m sure you will get it quick! I hope these help!

Heres one:

Here’s Andre’s at Master Magic’s



I found the second video Mage found right after he posted it. =P Make sure that when you pop the yoyo up, you switch hands with your non-throwhand under the yoyo and then your throwhand underneath your non-throwhand. Also, make sure you keep your hands in line and it should land on the string if you just do the motions right.

I found Sector Y to have the better description:
And remember to keep the string lined up. The yoyo is supposed to go straight up and straight down while you move the strings underneath it.

Addment: Sector Y may not have videos, but they have some nice pictures and explanations.

what tricks do you need to know & learn first before learning modial?

I recommend knowing mach 5, split bottom mount and kwijibo.

when i do this trick, it aways ends up in a trapeeze type landing, never in split bottem mount. What am i doing wrong, im following the link pheenix posted for instructions

Make sure that you don’t lose any of the strings. Keep your hands aligned, and make sure that none of the strings slide off.

Also make sure that your in the right “mach 5” mount as well.