Mondial Help Please

Ok, I have waited forever to learn this trick and tonight I am trying to understand how this works. The video is confusing and I can’t tell what Andre is doing in order to land the yoyo back into a Split Bottom Mount. Can someone please offer me some advice? I got the first part down (the start to Mach 5) but the pop just doesn’t feel right, and it feels nothing like a Kwijibo/Spirit Bomb pop. I know there have been multiple threads regarding this trick so I apologize for creating another one. I am just tired of waiting to learn this.

It’s not supposed to feel like spiritbomb / kwijibo, because there are strings restricting the yoyo from bouncing up high.

Just bounce it high as possible, and bring your left hand over and across, bring your right hand below and across and try to catch it. It takes practice, but it is possible, i learnt it using only

maybe text would help?
just keep practicing with your fingers perfectly lined up. there are only so many places for your yo-yo to fall, and the simplest is really back into that split bottom mount.

Hope this helps!

go to and type in: mondial yoyo trick

hope it helps

Thats not very helpful. At least fetch a link  :wink: