Kwijibo troubles

Ok, so I can get the first pop and land it just fine, but when I roll over and switch my hands the string near the yoyo is twisted which is preventing me from the second pop. Any suggestions?

Are you sure you’re landing the first pop right? Do you land on the farthest string with your throwhand over your nonthrowhand? Then do you uncross and recross your hands while moving the yoyo clockwise over both of your hands? From there, if you just simply uncross your hands, do you have a 1.5 mount?

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Aye, I do land on the far string on the first pop. I go into a trapese, pop it up cross my TH over my NTH. the string from my string finger goes behind the string looped around my NTH index finger. then I roll the yo yo up and around while at the same time uncrossing and crossing my arms. After the roll over is it suppose to look exactly like a 1.5 if you cross your arms after doing the mount?

Yes. Are you rolling the yoyo over both hands?

Yes. Im probably hitting a wrong string somewhere

How to make sure your doing the right thing on the first pop:

Throw a 1.5 mount. Cross your hands so that your NTH goes over your TH. What you just did is what the first pop is supposed to do.

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Actually I just watched the instructional video here on yoyoexpert and Andre’ is doing a different version than what I’m familiar with.

Yeah I got it. I figured out I had one finger out of place. As soon as I moved it I was able to land the whole trick

Well alrighty then.