Kwijibo Help

I can’t get that first pop!!! When I get into trapeze and pop it up and cross my hands, I can land it on a string but it’s just a backwards trapeze. If you know what I’m doing wrong or just have tips they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Cross your dominant hand over your non dominant hand. I can guarantee that you are crossing your hands in the opposite way you’re supposed to.

Just keep practicing, that’s the easiest answer. Like it was stated make sure your throw hand crosses OVER your non-throw hand. It it will help immensely if you try to catch the string as close to the yoyo as you possibly can. Try not to pop the yoyo up too high as that will make it harder.

Just keep at it, don’t give up, you’ll have it in no time.

As for the second pop, don’t get discouraged. It’s even more difficult :wink:

The second pop is killing me. I’ve practiced it for days but I only get it 1 in 10 tries. A lot of what I’m finding is that string placement on the fingers is key to getting it to land double or nothing properly.

This. And also making sure to pop up straight. When I was learning this I had trouble with popping a little toward me, so I would land on the wrong, or multiple, strings.

And as in the first pop, hit the string with your pointer as close to the yoyo as you can without touching it. This will greatly increase your chances of landing right. Another problem I had was popping too high and not waiting for the yoyo to fall back down before crossing. That made me hit the string far from the yoyo and I would fail.

Yeah I’m pretty sure you are not intercepting the string with your throwhand. Because you might just be crossing your hands without hitting any strings. Make sure you are hitting the string coming from the yoyo with your throw hand and see if that works.

Basically what i said. So, yeah. Are you sure you are even doing the trick right?

I had problems with the first pop. What I did which helps me hit the first pop now, is when I’m in the trapeze, I take my throw hand thumb and place it underneath and in front of the string and kind of pull the string or move it “out of the way” or back toward my body. After this then try hitting the first hop and you will start hitting it. That made me learn it. If your confused still and need me to show you what I mean I will video it for you.

Good luck