Need help with Kwijibo!

I need help with the trick Kwijibo, and it is on the last step-the popping the yoyo up after turning. Whenever i pop it up, i land in a trapeze. Am I uncrossing my hands wrong?

no you aren’t uncrossing your hands wrong, you just have to make sure that all of the string on your throwhand stays there as you should land in a double or nothing. Then you hop again and let go of everything to land in a trapeze. Hope this helps. :smiley:

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Couldn’t say it better myself. Maybe your tilting your hand so one of the strings fall off, so keep your hands straight, hold on to them strings, and practice!

thanks, but now when i do it, i land in a kind of double or nothing. I mean that i land with only 2 strings in my double or nothing instead of three. What is going on?

So is the yoyo in kinda like a brother mount or a backwards double or nothing looking thing? If that is the case I think you may have still lost a string, the same motion of the first pop as the second. For example you are chopping the vertical string while the yoyo is in the air. So make sure you are chopping it near the yoyo so it lands on the string and then adjust your hands, it should be a double or nothing. I wish I had a camera >.< :stuck_out_tongue: Try doing it REALLY slow. Or better yet if you need to take the yoyo off of your finger and lay it down on the floor unwound, try and go through the trick to see how the string will want to move, I had to do that to understand it when I first learned it. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :-/ keep at it, you will get it I promise :smiley:

I also find it easier on the second pop if I pop it to the right instead of straight up.

Make sure you don’t lose any strings. Try to hang on for all the strings around your finger, or else you’ll probably land in a half double or nothing. Happens to me all the time. It’s very easy for a string to just fall off your finger.

Also, just like the first pop, make sure you run your finger into the string when you pop it up. Doing that is what makes the double or nothing. Don’t worry, you’ll get it. just keep at it :wink:

i can’t pop it into a double or nothing either ???

Well, then this thread should help.

All you have to do is practice a ton and make sure you hold those strings on your finger good and dont let them fall off because that is going to result in a very messed up kind of double or nothing. And you will have to practice a lot so DON’T GET FRUSTRATED it will help you A LOT not to get frustrated