I’ve been having trouble with this trick for a while now, and I was wondering if you guys knew what I’m doing wrong. Whenever I get past the trapeze, pop up and cross, and cross again, I can never do the next step. The part where you pop the yoyo up, uncross into a double or nothing. I never land a double or nothing, it lands where you would be before you go the 1/2 time around in a 1/2 mount, the part of the matrix when you go back into a double or nothing. Can anyone help? ??? ??? ???

You have to hit both strings as you uncross

When you pop make sure the yoyo is over your hands when you cors if you cross before the yoyo goes up you will land in a trapeze and his bro. Pop the yoyo high wait till it’s all the way up in the air then cross. Just make sure the yoyo is over your hands before your cross.

Hope i helped. :wink:


pop the yoyo up and take your nonthrowhand and uncross into the string on the outside :stuck_out_tongue: