kwyjibo help

i already searched to see if there were any other threads like mine but couldnt find any. I need help with the second pop in kwyjibo. where u go from the cross handed 1.5 mount into the double or nothing

It’s kind of a hard motion to explain. If possible, take a video and slow it down to really see what’s going on. But, I’ll try to give you an explanation of what’s going on.

So you’re in the weird cross-armed 1.5. From this position, keep your NTH pointer extended out and pop the yoyo directly up. Once the yoyo is popped, uncross your arms. Since the yoyo is popped directly up it should be easy to make contact with the string leading down from it. Since you’re uncrossing your arms, your NTH pointer should intersect the string causing the yoyo to fall down. The easiest place for the yoyo to fall is onto the string you just intersected with your other hand. You will be in a double or nothing.

Important things to remember are:

  • Keep your hands in line when you are uncrossing them.
  • Don’t pop the yoyo too high or too fast at first. It makes it much easier with a low pop.
  • Try and watch the yoyo at all times to see where it’s going and what it’s doing.

Hope this helped you a bit.


Yeah, the poster above me pretty much hit the nail on the head, but just another tip for you. When you are in the crossed arm 1 and a half mount, make sure the string on your non-throw hand index is at the base of your finger. Then, when you pop up try to make the second wrap, which is the wrap that forms the double or nothing, is toward the tip of you finger. Well, hope this helped. :wink:


and to finish it off, pop from a double or nothing into a trapeze. Good luck !!

It is hard to explain how to do it, really all you do is pop the yoyo, uncross your hands, and land it back on the string. It helps to work on popping the yoyo before practicing uncrossing your hands. When you uncross, you take your left hand back to the left. It should touch the string on the yoyo and land into a double or nothing. I hope this helped!

It’s not andre but i hope it helps.

2:12 is prolly the best view