i can not do kwyjibo for the life of me! does anyone have any tips? i have extra trouble doing the last pop where i go to a double or nothing. please help me .

thanks for the help,

I actually had trouble with the first pop. The tip that I would say is take your time. Don’t try to do it really quick. Just make sure your finger hits the string at the right angle and practice a lot. You will get it trust me I just got boing-e-boing after a year of practice lol

Have you tried simply crossing your hands? It should automatically pop itself into a double or nothing if your hands are aligned, this works for me, but that might take some practice.

i understand that. boing-e-boing took me years too

i don’t understand what you are saying. :-\

What I meant was to just try to pop the yoyo up and simply cross your hands and it will go into a double or nothing itself. Works for me, I hope it may help you.

when i cross my hands it turns into trapese and his bro or a modified trapese. :-\

Try popping the yo up but don’t worry about it landing on a string. Instead of watching the yo, look at the string and see how the segments are arranged. Do this until you can quickly identify the segment you would like the yo to land on. Once you know where that segment will be, then try to land the yo on it.

Stay relaxed and avoid blasting the yo into the air. If it hits the end of the string to hard it will blast back down.

It’s not a clear instruction.

You should already be cross-armed right before the second pop. But the string is resting on a segment, right? You abrubtly cross your arms even more (move your hands in the crossing direction, not the uncrossing direction!) which will tension the segment the yoyo is on and send the yoyo up into the air.

I stand corrected, thanks.

Watch some very slow motion videos. When you go for the last pop slid the string on your non throw hand on to your wrist. Then when you pop the yoyo up and uncross your hands it will make it very obvious which string it has to be landed on. There is a double or nothing video that shows this method some where

For the longest time when I was learning this trick, on the last pop I wasn’t intercepting the string with my NTH index. Make sure you are doing that! It should be the string directly connected to the yo-yo.

i think that is my problem.

Search mfd tutorial on google. Very easy after watching his vid.

i searched it but couldn’t find it.

Here’s the link, I needed to watch it again anyway.

I would go find greg p.'s kwyjibo video. That’s what helped me with it.

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Here you go. Note, this was mainly made to demonstrate how I get my string segments WAY THE HECK out of the way by going across the back of my hand instead of staying on the forefinger. If you can do it on the forefinger, you should!

finally i can reliably do kwyjibo. thanks for all of the help guys. turns out i was doing the entire thing a way thatwas wrong but still worked.

That’s a cool variation to kwijibo I have my own variation too that I can do and I like the “brought to you by my feet” part it made me LOL