I can do kwijibo except for the second pop it doesnt go into a double or nothing. I know im doing everything right but it doesnt work.

The first pop can be a doozy!  It took me a very long time to get it.

What finally cemented it in for me was to practice eli hops, and bringing my throwhand over.  Its an awkward motion, but after a bunch of practice it will just click.  Here’s an alternate video.

You’re not doing it right if it doesn’t work.You need to bring your hand right under the yoyo and take that string with you. You’ll end up dropping that string a few times. Practice and you’ll get it.

I understood the first pop right away, but the 2nd pop was hard for me. OK, I thought I was doing it right, but I know now what I did wrong. I was just uncrossing my hands, but what you have to do is as you’re uncrossing it, (presuming that you’re right handed) you have to hit the string connected directly to the yo-yo with your left hand.

Something that helped me start landing the second popn were two things: One, after you cross over from the first pop, you want to make sure that the strings are nice and seperated, with at least an inch between each one. If you can pull your hands towards you and look down at them, and the strings are all basically touching each other (right before that second pop) then chances are you won’t have enough space to hit the string you want to. You’ll either hit the wrong one, or you’ll hit all of them.

The Second thing that really helped me, is after you get to where you are ready for the second pop up, your left hand is going to be to the right of yoru right hand. (If your throw hand is your right hand). If you throw left handed, then switch the rights for lefts. Anyways, Right before you go to pop it, make sure that your left hand (which will be to the right) is up just a little bit higher than your right hand, and again, make sure the string is spaced. It might be good to start out by making sure that the string closest to you wraps around your hand instead one of your fingers. The more spread out the string is, the easier it will be for you to find out what the string is doing, and how you’ll have to hit it.

Also, just like in Spirit Bomb (when you get to it) I’ve found that the lower you pop the yoyo up, the easier it is.

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Yeah i can do spirit bomb easily actually but I have trouble with the second pop in kwijibo. (yeah its weird)

make sure u hit the string with non throw hand pointer

No worries. I always have the same problem. Every so often i just miss the double or nothing.

Along with everyone else’s suggestions, it really just comes down to repetition. Do it enough times and at one point it’ll just “click”, so to speak (as long as you’re trying to improve each time and not just doing the same thing over and over and not trying something to improve). Thats really what I’ve found takes the cake in the end. A lot of practice. Hope that helps. :smiley:

after you pop and cross your hands you have to make sure to bring the string along with your finger

before you get to the sencond pop, make sure you get the 1st pop good.
1st pop-cross-uncross-cross-2nd pop-double or nothing-3rd pop-trapeze-bind.
(I know it’s not that clear)

If you are simply uncrossing your hands, you will end up in a trapeze with the triangle opened up. The pop comes from spreading your hands, like on Eli Hops. After you have popped the yoyo up, intercept the string connected to the yoyo with your non-throwhand index finger. Land the yoyo on the furthest string from you, leaving you in a double or nothing. Good luck. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I would hope after 3 years he finally got it…

Hey practice the 2nd part from 1.5 mount, check my asian pop goofy hop tutorial, I do the 2nd half you are talking about in it. If it does not help Ill make a very easy to follow tutorial for you, just ask!

LOL did not see this post started in 09 hahahah

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i literally just learned this trick, I was surprised to get it down in under 10 tries too :slight_smile:

anyways, what helped me going from the one and a half with the crossed over hands into the double or nothing was having the stringer over my NTH index finger be all the way towards the bottom nuckle, this way when you pop out and uncross your hands the string can fall more towards the tip of your index finger and have room to land your yo on the string…Hopefully that made sense, and good luck :)!!!